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Face, Bag & Destination: A Jetsetter’s Primer (Part 1)

by Kenyatta D. Pious

As the holidays fast approach, we tend to think about gifts for others. But before we get bogged down in the holiday season and all the gift-getting and family-related stress, we suggest you pamper yourself.

Naturally, you want to look great as you travel and the first thing people will notice about you is your face, and your skin. We suggest you get familiar with Zero Gravity Skin, a company that has anti-aging devices: Perfectio, Perfectio + and Elevare.

We know “anti-aging” stokes images of mom and grandma trying to reclaim youth, but Zero Gravity Skin’s devices are for any age group and will ensure that your skin not only looks younger and brighter, but that it reclaims some of its firmness. We tested the non-invasive treatment Elevare for about three weeks. We used Elevare just three times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Elevare did not disappoint! We noticed smoother, glowing skin that beckoned to be touched. Elevare uses heat and red LEDS in the range of 640-840 nm in an effort to rejuvenate the appearance and structure of skin and it is completely painless! In layman’s terms, Elevare will stimulate collagen production, which will make your skin beautiful.

Red LED light has also been shown to improve the skin of people with rosacea! Additionally, sun damage, large pores and wrinkles can all be corrected with repeated usage of Zero Gravity Products devices. Elevare and Zero Gravity Products are fast-becoming better than botox and fillers! These devices will also limit your times at the spa and save you money.

Jetsetters will be pleased to know that Elevare can fit in any handbag, and carry-on for the perfect guilt-free indulgence on a stress-free trip. Check out the collection and prices at: -

Up next: the bag!