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Watching After My Mom

by Kenyatta D. Pious

I think about what my mom’s worst habit is…often. She has a little meddler in her a la Susan Sarandon’s character in The Meddler, and she is certainly the momanger of my life (at least she takes credit for all the good) a la Chris Jenna. But perhaps her worst fault is loving me…no matter what. I have lived a crazy life and done some crazy things and no matter how mad, sad, and disappointed she has been at my behavior, she has always loved me…

I often think about this fact whenever it’s her birthday or when Mother’s Day nears. How does one say thank you for loving me unconditionally? It is a daunting task. What I have discovered is that ONE gift is not enough. This Mother’s Day, for example, I am sending her for a cozy spa treatment and taking her out to a swanky dinner at Del Posto. In addition, since she and I argue all the time about her being late, I am giving her a practical gift: a Citizen Silhouette Bangle watch.

Selfishly, the Citizen Silhouette Bangle watch can also show her how long I have been visiting her for - don't ask! I love the band, which engenders admiration and has a luxe finish that is surprisingly appropriate for many occasions. She can pair it with a dress for her many charity events or drape it on her wrist in her toned down jogging attire when she is gambling – my mom’s a mess, y’all. And at an affordable $275, this should be an easy decision for anyone!

To be honest, this watch almost didn’t make it into the gift box, but I know she will love it! I am so in love with this watch that I am looking for another Citizen watch for one of my fave cousins who is a new mom. Right now I think the Ladies’ Diamond Citizen watch (pictured right in the right image) is a winner for her. It is slightly more at $350, but as a “pushing gift” for bringing life into this world, I can swing it.

This Mother's Day surround yourself with a stylish mom or two...or score a gift for yourself...after all, being fashionable is almost always about having the right accessories.