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Get Time Back With A Little Spritz And Go

by Kenyatta D. Pious
I frequent Miami for business trips...and relaxation. On my last trip, I attended several fashion-based events with my assistant, Jenna. In the fast paced world of fashion, time is golden...and coveted and Jenna does her best to buy me time.

Per usual, I stayed up super late after an event turned into a must-stay-and-schmooze event. The problem the next day is: waking up, getting ready, and getting out the door in a timely manner. Jenna arrived at my hotel room to find me ironing and suggested that I use Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus INSTEAD OF IRONING!

I was close to firing her for her foolish comment, when she pointed out that she used it on her immaculate-looking blouse. She raced to her room next door and came back with Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus, told me to go tend to my morning emails, and drink my coffee while she treated my clothes with Downy.

Minutes later, I was surprised to find my shirt looking like it was freshly pressed (and smelling so good)! It was really amazing to see! The ease alone at which Jenna achieved this feat (5-10 minutes) converted me and should make you want to include Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus in your must-have beauty/travel bag.

But what did Jenna do exactly? She sprayed Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus outside of the fabric until it was slightly damp, smoothed out the wrinkles and let it dry. Voila! It couldn’t be easier! I love the fact that Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus can prevent wrinkles, static cling and prevent odors during clothing wear - - I now swear by this product!

I should point out that that if you are treating silk or like fabric, you should do a quick spot test in a hidden area as those fabrics can get water spots. And unlike what Jenna suggested, you can also use Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus to "assist" your ironing so that you don’t spend as much time ironing.

Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus comes in a spray bottle with a nozzle that maximizes even spraying and I go everywhere with the smaller travel size (which also meets carry-on guidelines) and store the larger 33.8 FL Oz bottle at home. Moreover, I trust my face on pillowcases and sheets that have been treated with Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus and I haven’t seen any fading on any fabric I have treated.

My two nieces, who are both in college, received Downy Wrinkle Reducer Plus as a post-holiday gift from me. Reduce your wrinkles and get your time back!

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