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by Yvette Coleman
Dace arose from the skill and creativity of designer Dace Moore. Since its launch in spring 2002, her collections have attracted a growing following. Dace Moore was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. As a young child she absolutely hated her name - - she was named after a character in a book her father was reading. The second child of four siblings, she showed her flair for fashion at an early age by playfully dressing up her brother and two sisters. Growing up, Dace was always known as the artist in her class at school and she especially loved to do pencil sketches of horses. She even won first place in a contest for her 8th grade drawing of two horses, which was framed and hung in the Vernon Art Gallery.

Her appreciation for great taste in fine quality clothing was also apparent early on. When, with not a lot of money to spare, Dace’s Mother would give each child $100 to go shopping to buy back-to-school clothing, her brother and sister would return home with bags full of clothes. Dace would come back with only one or two carefully selected items. But it wasn’t until, at seventeen, she left the Okanagan Valley after a year of college and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, that she would discover her passion not only for fashion, but for design as well.

Based in Vancouver, BC Canada, the Dace brand is made to not only make a woman look beauti¬ful, but rather to make her feel beautiful. With a designer who has an obsession with clean lines and small details, the pieces are always fresh. Dace is always classic and consistently displays a sweet and elegant appeal. With different textures and re-worked vintage shapes, the clothing is often versatile. Dressed in dace, a woman can easily transition from casual daywear to a night out on the town with only the change of her shoes.

Dace consists of dresses, blouses, tunics, pants, shorts, skirts, blazers, rain jackets and coats. The fabrics are usually made of natural fibers such as cottons, silks, wools and linens. Very rarely with there be a piece made solely of synthetic fibers. “My inspirations for this fall ‘08 collection were based on my memories of growing up around my fathers band ‘Autumn Rose’. They were a 70’s rock band. When I originally designed this collection – I pictured my mother in the 70’s watching my dad’s band play. It’s why I used the fun prints and re-worked vintage shapes,” says Moore.There is a huge "eco-conscious" movement going on right now. How does this effect Dace?
I think because our line is made in Vancouver that it helps the brand in the eco-conscious. I have noticed that more and more stores are concerned about where the products are made. They are more willing to purchase if they know that the clothing is made locally rather than overseas.

Please finish this sentence: “The celebrity that best embodies our brand is (and why).
This is s tough one! Questions like this are so hard to answer! Hmm...I would have to say Natalie Portman. She’s cute and never over the top!

Who is your ideal customer and why?
I would say that our ideal customer is the shopper who goes to the boutique to purchase a piece that is different – but that she knows will last her a long time because of how classic it is.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about the brand.
Our studio is run by two young single mothers and female interns.

Give us three words that best describe the brand.
Clean, feminine, and classic.

What's next for Dace?
Europe and AustraliaWords of wisdom:
You won’t know unless you try ?

DACE is available across Canada and the USA.

Price: $90 - $398.

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