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ENRO(LL) Your Style In This Upgrade

by Kenyatta D. Pious
Dressing up is no longer a woman's game. Guys realize they too can bask in some of the limelight with a well-manicured appearance. Additionally, they have learned that having options in their styling can never be overstated.

For the guy who wants the distinguished look without spending half his check, take a look at Enro, a company that has been advancing the ethos that stylish men need never disappear, since 1919.

We checked out a few offerings from Enro and fell in manly love. A Cotton Cashmere Sweater with button mock collar in grey is the perfect gift this holiday season. A crisp Pinpoint Solid Oxford dress shirt with point collar can be paired with a Kent Check Tie in gold for a look that is derivative of the English gentlemen of bygone eras.

Except Enro isn’t a brand that lives in the past. Enro shirts feature fabric breathability for maximum comfort and they are non-iron shirts! That’s right, no ironing! If you aren’t sold yet, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t be, Enro shirts also feature a patented stain release finish that keeps collars and cuffs spotless after each wash! Technology and comfort to elevate any look…

But Enro isn’t just about highbrow dressing; the brand allows guys the ability to dress down for preppy done right. The Solid Denim Sport Shirt With Enro Spread Collar offers a casualness that works equally well at a ball game as it does in a nostalgic fireplace setting. Extra points are awarded to Enro having a Big and Tall collection.

Editor picks:
-Dark Brown Plaid Sport Shirt With Hidden Button Down Collar
-Cotton Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater With Shawl Collar In Grey
-Luxury Winter Twill Plaid Sport Shirt With Button Down Collar
-Herringbone Neat Tie In Camel

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Model in double image: Jay Simms