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The Best Swimwear that Stays Put

by Sofroina Timmons
I’m sure you’re going bonkers looking for the perfect fun, sexy, unique suit that fits well and hugs your curves every movement you make. Look no further: Trunkettes Swimwear has revealed their newest swimsuit “The Trixie”, Trunkettes Summer Collection.

This comfortable complete fit for all body types is a revolutionary shape wear that refines your appearance as well as gives smaller frames curve appeal where it’s needed. Ladies, these are bottoms derived from men’s trunks that give us a sporty-chic fashion (#awesome).

The Trixie celebrates active women and mom’s who move with a purpose. All of your assets are covered giving your anatomy flexible options to move around without the embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Looking great and feeling invincibly confident has returned. Looking fabulous will be effortless at poolside, resorts and getting in the sand with your bundles of joy.

No grandma effects here - Trunkettes has an array of swim designs featuring trend-setting bikinis, sexy one-pieces + bandeau tops in mix-match colors, wet suits and beautiful cover-ups. This summer don’t sacrifice your sexy over fit, you can have the best of both of worlds wearing Trunkettes Swimwear.

Where does the name “Trunkettes” come from?
Trunkettes are stylish and comfortable swim trunks designed to make women feel good about themselves in and out of the water. We consider the name “Trunkettes” as a female version of swim trunks.

How did Trunkettes start and who started it?
Trunkettes was founded by Hilary Genga. She was in search of a trendy bathing suit that provided more freedom and comfort than traditional swimwear. Guys had swim trunks but there wasn’t anything cute and sexy for active women. She came to me with the idea of creating swim trunks for women that were stylish with a bit more coverage. We’ve since expanded the line to a full range of confidence building swimsuits and trunks for women.

What was the hardest thing about designing the latest collection?
I would say the hardest part about finalizing this collection was editing it down. So many fun ideas and elements filled the design floor table, but a lot had to be cut back. I tried to narrow in and only go forward with the best pieces that really made a statement!

What types of features are incorporated in your designs?
Our swim trunks are made of water resistant nylon that has the perfect amount of stretch, and they feature a built in bikini bottom lining.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2015 collection?
A life-changing trip to Guatemala last spring gave me tons of inspiration for our Spring 2015 collection! I quickly fell in love with the vibrant prints and gorgeous textiles that lined the market streets!! I also drew inspiration from California surfer girl wetsuits. We’re introducing a new sporty neoprene fabric that is to die for, with super cute zipper details.
We’re also introducing The Trixie. It is an entirely different look from anything out there but continues with the Trunkettes tradition of helping women enjoy swimsuit season instead of dreading it. It’s one swimsuit that works for all body types, offering undeniable slimming appeal for curvier women and enhanced curves on slender women. The one piece + bandeau top in mix-and-match colors also provides great support and shows off curves in all the right places. We’re excited for its debut.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
We are the only women’s swimwear company built around the swim trunk concept and the notion that you don’t have to sacrifice style and fun for a little more coverage. We’re designing swimsuits that deliver confidence and the feeling of freedom to enjoy pool time.

Who do you envision wearing Trunkettes?
A hip and sporty mom who wants to enjoy pool parties and beach activities with her kids without worrying about having a wardrobe malfunction. She wants to feel free and confident and enjoy life without feeling self-conscious.

Where can Trunkettes swimwear be purchased?
Our Summer Collection is currently available online at:
Trunkettes Swimwear is also available in boutiques across the nation and at numerous hotels in Las Vegas, including the MGM, Luxor, Monte Carlo and Paris.
Also, follow us on:
Instagram: @trunkettesswimwear
Twitter: @trunkettes

What should a fashionista always bring to the beach or pool?
- Her favorite swimsuit and trunks
- A big straw sun hat and beach tote
- Her favorite sunnies
- A Mexican style beach blanket or roundie towel
- Maui Babe browning lotion and Neutrogena 50+spf for the face
- Latest issue of InStyle
- Lots of water, preferably coconut

What's next for Trunkettes?
We’re always expanding the line and are hoping to start a children's line.

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