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Jolt: Lightening Love Affair With Jeans

by Kenyatta D. Pious
The market just got a jolt, pun intended, of infectious energy...the type that allows for a new love affair with jeans - - ultra girlie-girl jeans, that is. Think: lightweight denim, with minimal embellishments available in various colors and styles including skinnies, flare, cropped, and ankle length (we adore the boyfriend fit!). While Jolt apparel offers an array of denim and non-denim bottoms and jackets, we highlight the must-have jeans, which offer a fit that is unmatched and proportions our torso so that long stares become the norm. We chat with Caren Lettiere (Division Head/ Jolt) and get a glimpse into why Jolt has staying power, long after the lightening storm.

Who are the core clients of Jolt?
Jolt's core clients are free spirited individuals who have a sense of personal style, recognize good quality and exude a fun-loving feminine essence. The ages range from 16-25 yrs old. They are savvy about fashion trends but like to integrate vintage pieces to reflect their own unique twist.

Does the name mean anything - - how was it conceived?
The symbolism of Jolt is that our girl has raw energy, you notice her the minute she enters a room and you are "Struck by Style"

Where is manufacturing handled?
Manufacturing is abroad in China and Vietnam

How is Jolt marketed - - do you advertise anywhere?
This fall Jolt will be advertised in Teen Vogue, Seventeen and People StyleWatch

Why do you think retail is so tough nowadays?
The product offering at retail today has become homogenous. As stores consolidate, it is more difficult to find one's favorite brands . Furthermore, with specialty chains becoming over saturated throughout the country, it is challenging for individuals to find unique product offerings that differentiate their personal style. In this challenging economy, retailers have resorted to price slashing as an enticement to the consumer.

However, price is only an incentive to buy, not the impetus. In the end compelling fashion is what ultimately motivates the consumer to part with her hard earned cash. Fashion is still a feel good splurge and we need to continue to focus on what the product looks like, how it fits and it's perceived value, not just what it costs the consumer to buy.

Why should a customer buy Jolt?
Jolt offers current casual trends in bottoms and jackets with feminine styling, quality fabric, novelty trims and lots of intrinsic details plus an excellent fit.

Describe the brand in three words.
Eclectic, diverse, directional

Where is Jolt sold?
Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's, and

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