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JSong...Way Spring 2015: Journey of a Modern Goddess

by Kenyatta D. Pious
Way Zen showcased a young and city-chic collection for Spring 2015 which she titled Journey of a Modern Goddess. It was inspired by the Goddess of Compassion who travels through space and time revealing the code of love, healing, and beauty in the innumerable forms of shapes, colors, and textures.

Sumptuous textures and fabrics took center stage to weave an intricate story about modernity and function. As she has done in the past, Way Zen broke up her collection into Air, Water, Fire and Earth - - the essential tenets of life - - in order to add meaning to her story.

A blue green sequin jacket with a blue silk collar and paired with a denim skirt is exactly the kind of outfit that shows Way Zen’s newfound crossover appeal to a younger generation. It is flirty and sequin-showy (in that you wish you could pull this off type of way).

The signature floral embroidery was muted at times and took center stage other times in creative ways as in a black cotton geometric lace cardigan and skirt. The core base will find harmony in an ice blue shantung abstract flora embroidered 3 piece suit while an ivory silk ribbon basket woven top with subtle words stitched in like “joy” and “love” is unassumingly charming.

Goddess of Compassion also has a tribal motif, evidenced by a khaki linen multi-color abstract flora embroidered panel dress, which sauntered on the runway like an effortless breeze. Whimsy was captured perfectly with a wearable blueberry georgette crepe pleated lady bug dress. It is these adventurous chances that set Way Zen apart.

Shift dresses, pull-on pants, jump suits in denim, cotton, and silk were used to convey the story of a goddess in a metropolis…perhaps watching a duck pond at the city center before a rendezvous that mandates comfort and sensible style.

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