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Flip 'Em Off!

by Kenyatta D. Pious
These days many fashions come into your style lexicon because of some gimmick or celebrity endorsement. Allow me to break that trend for you. Okabashi is a shoe brand that features stylish flip flops in an assortment of colors and patterns for any possible occasion. The brand has no gimmicky changeable straps and such – just comfort that will have your feet swooning.

Okabashi is well-known (and respected) for its ergonomic footbed. Translation: superior arch support and a heel cup that offers proper alignment of the feet and spine. This is that much-needed break that your feet need after wearing those stilettos.

Too often people make judgments about what you buy or eat and how it relates to the environment. Well, this summer, flip ‘em off! Okabashi flip flops are made from Microplast, (which is durable and slip resistant) and are actually dishwasher safe! They will not shrink or lose color no matter the frequency of washing. This is one reason Okabashi has a two-year guarantee on all its products. And when they have run their course and/or you are ready for new ones, you can actually recycle them with the Okabashi company – how about that for sustaining the environment and making a difference in a small way?

Okabashi shoes are made in the USA since 1984 and also offer consumers sandals and clogs - - all at an affordable price point. Check out these stylish digs on - - we think you will love the Indigo for him and for her we recommend the Indigo Active Flip Flops or the Classic Flip Flops. You are welcome!