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Become a Walking ‘Lybethras’

by Sofroina Timmons
This summer move and sway like the beauties of Brazil in Lybethras Swim. Designer, founder and CEO of Lybethras Swim, Luciana Martinez, has encapsulated sassy, playful and bodacious designs in her latest collections.

The Santorini Collection reflects the colors of the ocean that surrounds Greece; the Corfu Collection identifies the sultry rich flora colors of Greece; the Amalfi Collection showcases vibrant green foliage that lines the Amalfi coast; and Martinez’s personal favorite, the Capri Collection, features whimsical red tattoo prints and is inspired by the honeymooners who vacation in Capri. The must-have Animale Collection is a sought after collection because of its classic cuts and designs that transcend a lifestyle. Electrify sunny beaches and soft white sands in Lybethras Swim!

What does Lybethras mean?
Lybethras means source of muses in the Latin language.

Who do you envision wearing Lybethras Swim?
I envision Lybethras Swim to be worn by women that desire to be wonderful, confortable and show off only the best part of their bodies. A beautiful, strong, confident woman that loves her body how it is. For us, our customers are our muses of inspiration.

How and why did Lybethras Swim start and who started it?
My Company was created 23 years ago. I began designing my own outfits as a child and when I grew older my friends asked me to design clothes for them. When I was 19 I hired a seamstress and began to sell product. We had a complete line from party dresses to swimwear and sold to many famous stores in Brazil. In 2007 I started Lybethras Swim, a line that was solely swimwear, resort fashion and fitness wear.

What was the hardest thing about designing the collection?
Since we’ve been in this market for so long we don’t really have any obstacles. We now design for many other private labels as well.

What differentiates your line from the other brands?
Exclusivity. It’s almost impossible to find someone wearing the same Lybethras Swim swimsuit as you. We have a limited amount of collections available to choose from, and in addition to that our customers have the option to mix and match our pieces for a more exclusive look. Our suits standout and are never imitated.

What types of features are incorporated in your designs?
Each piece has some sort of 16k gold accessories with stones

Are your designs versatile?
Yes, a lot of our swimsuits are actually reversible and can be worn in a variety of ways, including our one-pieces. Our tops and bottoms can all be mixed and matched as well.

Is there a body type that your suits work well with?
Our swimsuits work well with all of them.

Do you have any personal dos and don’ts when choosing a swimsuit?
Yes, a lot! It all depends on the type of body you have. Everyone has their own specific type of swimwear that’s fits properly and makes you look your best at the beach.

What makes a swimsuit sexy?
A woman that wears it the proper way with confidence!

Tell us two celebrities that can play a starring role in your suits and why?
Paris Hilton and Jennifer Anniston both have been seen wearing multiple swimsuits from Lybethras Swim. Celebrities are good for promoting our brand but also they help confirm that we’re making something hot that people, even celebrities, are interested in buying and wanting to show off.

Do you design for both men and women?
No, Lybethras Swim is a woman’s line, however we do have a children’s line that matches the adult collection.

How important are price points to you and how do you keep your brand relevant?
I think I offer a high-quality product that’s exclusive and unique. Creating swimwear at a reasonable price is very important to me and I want to make sure my products are affordable. I don’t want my customers going to the beach and seeing multiple girls in the same bikini. I want to provide affordable options that make each customer feel special when purchasing. It’s all about individuality and exclusivity. Price is extremely important.

Where can Lyberthas Swim be purchased?
Lybethras Swim can be purchased at Our bikini sets start at about $100.00.

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