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Have a Sauvage Summer

by Sofroina Timmons
One of the most sought after swimsuit lines this summer is Sauvage Swimwear this summer. Imagine glamorous, sensual and fashionable pieces draping beautiful bodies that exude confidence. Expect rich safari prints in sumptuous earth tones of Africa seamlessly coordinating with snakeskin prints, ornate embellishments and jaw-dropping textiles. There are beautiful cuts and designed bikinis, one-pieces in custom design prints incorporating Swarovski crystals, luxe silk sarongs, and mesh dresses inspired from the Spice Islands. Sauvage’s iconic solids range from a Gold Crystal Snake-strap bandeau and hand macramé Spider bikini bottom - - a dream for anyone who love’s swimsuits.

Sauvage Swimwear includes a Luxe Collection of hand-beaded bikinis, sleek one-pieces and a variety of cover-ups to complete your look. The new Sauvage Sport collection presented in color-blocked designs of fresh vibrant hues is a must-have! It features some of my faves: turquoise, fuchsia, lime and hot orange. Step onto the sand in alluring bandeaus, color-spliced triangles and strappy bottoms. Look for these sexy, nautical cuts straight off the pages of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which featured Hannah Davis and Chrissy Teigen in the color-blocked suits with an oversized black mesh Tee as the perfect cover-up for summer 2014.

You simply must indulge in a chic environment at La Jolla Boutique selecting glamorous beachwear, jewelry and accessories for both Men & Women or go online at

What makes a swimsuit sexy?
A swimsuit is sexy when the woman feels sexy wearing it!

Is there a body type that your suits work well with?
Most body types can wear Sauvage; it’s a state of mind not body.

Do you have any personal dos and don’ts when choosing a swimsuit?
Do buy your correct size that you are comfortable in; don’t buy too big or too small.

Who do you envision wearing Sauvage Swimwear?
The Sauvage woman is fashion forward, confident and willing to be different.

Are your designs versatile?
Our designs are complimentary, dresses and cover-ups that complement the suit.

What is one thing about Sauvage Swimwear that you would love the consumer to know?
Sauvage offers great value! Sauvage swimwear is not mass-produced - all suits are designed and manufactured in USA by the designer.

Where can Sauvage Swimwear be purchased?
Sauvage is available at better stores in the USA, and at

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
Sauvage is available on all Social media platforms.

What's next for Sauvage Swimwear?
Next will be the 2015 collection, but that’s top secret! ...well, okay think Lace with vibrant colors.

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