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A Sporty Look for Summer

by Sofroina Timmons
It’s all about looking sexy on the water or on the deck in your bikinis for summer 2014. Sometimes your bikinis can be too sexy when you’re with the kids and making a mad dash after the little tyke, may draw attention to your bum (one sided bum that is…). Thanks to Trunkettes we moms can still look fabulous at work or play. Trunkettes are a feminine spin on men’s swim trunks that pair well with any top or one-piece.

Hilary Genga (CEO/ Trunkettes), was vacationing in 2008 with her kids and paired her husband’s trunks with one of her trendy bikini tops and the rest is history. This is the only women’s swimwear line that features a feminine designed trunk that covers your bottom in a sporty-look with a skater girl fashion that’s very comfortable and stylish.

Chief Design officer Kristen Evenson incorporated beautiful printed storylines of gardens and NY in the springtime for summer 2014. Trunkettes also expanded its line to include tankinis, one-pieces, dresses, sarongs and a fabulous trendy line ‘Kricky-Lu’ that’s been featured in Glamour, iNTouch, on The Today Show, and in the Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Issue and 50th Anniversary Issue.

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2014 collection?
Kristen, designer of Trunkettes has traveled extensively in the last few years. Seeing Monet's home and the beautiful gardens was certainly an inspiration for our impressionist story. We both were also inspired by New York City in the springtime.

Say more about the fun idea behind starting Trunkettes?
I always used to wear my husband’s swim trunks matched with cute bikini tops to the beach or pool. I loved the look, was much more comfortable than when I wore traditional women's swimwear. I wanted to keep the look but find something a little more feminine, a trunk that was made for a woman's body. I looked for years in department stores but could never find anything -- that's when I decided to start the line myself. I asked Kristen Greven -- who was my babysitter at the time and had recently graduated fashion school – to become my partner. She made sketches of my idea, we made some prototypes, and we were off and running.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
The swim trunks. We are the only company that has a full line of swim trunks to go with every style and print.

What was the hardest thing about designing the latest collection?
The fit! By far, fit is the most important thing. You can have the coolest suit in the world, but if it doesn't fit well nobody will want it.

What types of features are incorporated in your designs?
Pockets, quick-dry fabrics, zippers, supportive cups, and slimming cuts.

Does this line offer cover-ups, sundresses, resort wear or loungewear?
Starting summer 2015 we will.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We have a presence throughout social media – such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – but do not have any promotional campaigns going on right now in that space.

Is there a body type that your suits work well with?
Trunkettes have many different styles. There is truly something in our collection to suit all body types.

Where can Trunkettes be purchased and what is the price point?
At and a handful of stores around the country, price point ranging between $40 - $120.

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