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Flatter Your Bust With Voda Swim

by Sofroina Timmons
Bring your summer “A” cup to the sand looking full and voluptuous in the patent pending Envy Push Up® swim top from Voda Swim, which is created by international fashion model Yulia Drummond. If you have a small bust, you can take sexy to the hottest level by actually flattering your bust and improving self-confidence. The magic is in the soft and pliant enhancer cup that exceptionally fits the cup of your breasts giving the look of a round, fuller and bouncy décolleté with natural movement. There are no worries for uncomfortable wires because there are none.

This wonderful secret design shapes the breasts with remarkable support throughout the entire day and will not look stretched or saggy – all while you enjoy hours of surfing or splashing in the water. Searching for the best swimsuit that fits and conforms to your body shape this summer is easy and here to stay with Voda Swim.

These suits are fun, flirty and functional! That is all we ever ask for and need as fashionistas.

What does Voda mean?
Voda means water in Russian. Since I am Russian, I wanted to incorporate a little bit of my heritage into the company name.

How did Voday Swim get its start?
My husband and I created Voda Swim because I couldn’t find the bikini for myself that would make me feel sexy and confident at the beach. I complained to my husband constantly that nothing worked and he said “Well, why don’t you just go and make one”. So after many sleepless nights and countless attempts, and almost a year in research and development Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up® was born. The secret to the Envy Push Up® top is in the fit. Inside the top is a soft and pliant pad that lifts and enhances the breast. In addition, the top retains less than a tablespoon of water, helping the top to retain its extraordinary fit even when wet. It has no underwire and is very comfortable to wear.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
The amazing push up technology built into every bikini top that provides amazing cleavage, lift and support.

What was the hardest thing about designing the collection?
Picking great solid colors and amazing prints for our collection - no matter what the trends are we try to pick solids that are complimentary to many skin tones. In our collection we have amazing jewel tones and lots of bright colors that are always great to wear in summer.

Are your designs versatile?
Definitely. Everything is sold to mix and match and in a variety of coverage options and colors, so every woman can create a swimsuit to her liking.

Is there a body type that your suits work well with?
Our suits work well for many body types, especially if you are looking for lift, support or cleavage enhancement in a bikini top.

Do you have any personal dos and don'ts when choosing a swimsuit?
Do get a swimsuit that is the right size and fit. If you feel you can pull off a Brazilian bottom, do that. If you need to cover certain areas, do that. Don't skimp on your swimsuit because the right swimsuit will make a huge difference in your self-confidence level.

What types of features are incorporated in your designs?
We have beautiful custom14k gold plated hardware, natural wooden beads, all natural stones and we are currently using swimwear fabric with XtraLife Lycra®.

Does this line offer cover-ups, sundresses, resort wear or loungewear?
We just launched our cover up collection which is very elegant and is a must have for every woman.

What is the biggest mistake people make when caring for swimwear?
Not reading washing care instructions and just throwing it in a washer and dryer when instead it should be treated very delicately.

What is one thing about Voda Swim that you would love the consumer to know?
We have a variety of great styles and colors so almost every woman can find a perfect swimsuit in our collection for herself.

Is there a body type that your suits work well with?
Our suits work well for many body types, especially if you are looking for lift, support or cleavage enhancement in a bikini top.

Tell us two celebrities that can play a starring role in your suits and why?
Jenny McCarthy and Anna Lynne McCord because they were spotted multiple times at the beach wearing Voda Swim.

Where can Voda Swim be purchased and at what price points?
Tops can be purchased at $66-86 and bottoms at $44-66 at

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