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SUMMERize IT, in Brazilian Swimwear

by Sofroina Timmons

If you haven’t started looking for fashion-forward swimwear then look no further. Show off your real-woman body in trendsetting pieces by D’Milikah. Each piece is a combination of Brazilian chic and Italian handmade designs beautifully accentuating any body type no matter what size you are, giving your figure a dynamite beach-ready look.

You can thank founder and designer Emily Gonzaga for creating extraordinary Brazilian influenced designs that raise the bar on comfort and fit, while sustaining the shape and color through several washes. Halleluiah for Extra Life Lycra! The suits do not compromise on style and instead compliment your body type from the very curvaceous to the ultimate athletic shapes.

This exquisite brand has selections from bikinis, monokinis, one-piece to separates and you will also enjoy the array of accessories such as jewelry, cover-ups, sundresses, resort wear/lounge wear, handbags, hats, belts and scarves to complete your look. Catch some waves, take a dip in the water or enjoy the evenings D’Milikah this 2014 summer.

what does “D’Milikah” mean?
Milika was my nickname as a child. “D” means: – belongs to, or from Milika, and the “H” in the end is just for good luck! And here it goes: D’Milikah.

Who do you envision wearing D’Milikah?
A more voluptuous body type! The type of woman that is confortable with herself and her curves. That is the type of woman that I always envision.

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2014 collection?
The name of the collection is Tridimensional Happiness for SS2014 (Three colors, three ways, triangle of love, the holy trinity, the happiness and the grapes).
The pure essence of life is made up of primary elements. Primary colors when mixed give us secondary options in life. The pastel tones of these very secondary options are present in the Collection.
From tie-dye lace to metallic details and laser prints, the Collection is an array of classic spring with the D’Milikah Brazilian flair. From jumpsuits exquisitely designed to highlight the femininity of a woman’s body to the overt combination of sweet and sexy in the lace dress, the esthetic of the pretty woman is once again back for Spring 2014. Stagnation meets transformation in our snake prints. As the snake grows and sheds its skin, spring blossoms and life is reborn. D’Milikah’s Tridimensional Happiness Collection embodies these characteristics through change and innovation.
As a good wine, the older the bottle the better the taste, time is consumed on the process. It takes time and innovation to make a good wine. D’Milikah represents this in our foot jewelry. We integrate pure happiness and accomplishment similar to when people get together and sacrifice time to honor and celebrate. The feeling evoked from The Collections surpasses the limits of what engages happiness and its ramifications.

Are your designs interchangeable?
Yes, they are, we design with mixing and matching in mind and we aim to please clients and stores as they request it.

As a follow-up, can you give our readers some tips for specific body types?
Sure! If you have a slender figure for example, it always helps to find a monokini or a cutout one-piece swimsuit that gives an illusion of curves for example. If you are bigger on top, try dark solids and strong lighter prints on the bottom and the opposite can go for the pear shape.

Do you design for both men and women?
Yes, we do! Other than an entire line for women, we also have male swim trunks, speedos and swim boxers.

What's next for D’Milikah?
We are aiming to get strong on our resort –wear and cover-ups. Working hard on it!

What is one thing about D’Milikah that you would love the consumer to know?
Sometimes people see a “skinny” model wearing certain style on the pictures or advertisements and we are asked: But that will fit me? And that is why as the brand expands, we are working on have different body types wearing the same suit so people can actually see that X and X style actually will fit and can look good on different body types.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We are always posting what we call our dmiliketes on social media. Anyone, who wears our swimwear can send us the picture and authorize us to do a #repost we will proudly show the dmilikete wearing it!

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