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5 Minutes With Ms. Drama - Bring It On!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
For the past few years, Candice Williams, better known as, “Ms. Drama,” has been making her mark in the entertainment industry as a journalist/radio personality. After a stint on VH1’s Gossip Game in 2013, Candice gained a vast majority of new fans who tuned into the show just to see the “drama!”

Ms. Drama has been honing her reporting skills since her days at local news station WSB-TV and learned more and more while working at reputable media platforms like Newsday, ABC, MTVU and Hot 97, to name a few. recently had the chance to sit down for a short and sweet conversation with this media queen and find out more about her journey.

FASHIONLEDGE.COM: So we hear that you were actually given the name “Ms. Drama,” by indie artists you’ve interviewed, is this true?

MS. DRAMA: Yes, I was given that name and it wasn’t because I was being difficult or anything like that, but I was doing some real digging while interviewing most of the artists. I treated them like I would treat a signed, well established artist. I did my research and had some real heavy hitting questions for them, no fluff. They all respected that.

FASHIONLEDGE.COM: More people know you now since VH1’s Gossip Game, how did you get selected for the show?

MS. DRAMA: Well, I actually thought I was being called into VH1 to do some type of interviewing for the show. The more questions the producers started throwing my way, it hit me that they were considering me to be on the show. It was a blessing.

FASHIONLEDGE.COM: What is the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

MS. DRAMA: Hmm, I’ve heard that I’ve had a nose job, which is totally not true. I’ve never had a knife put to any part of my body but if people chose to believe that I’ve been cosmetically/aesthetically enhanced, thank you. I take it as a compliment.

FASHIONLEDGE.COM: What did you learn the most from the show?

MS. DRAMA: I learned so much and I take everything in life as a learning experience. I learned how to roll with the punches even better, even at times when you are not portrayed in the most positive of lights, you still maintain positive. The show was very real, of course there are situations set up to provoke you or probe you into certain conversations with people, but I always try to take the high road and just speak my mind instead of ever resorting to violence. I am quick-witted and will always have a comeback, which is much better than hitting someone. I’ve learned to remain humble with all successes that come your way, remain grateful and humble. I was very fortunate to be on the show.

FASHIONLEDGE.COM: We can’t end this interview without asking you, what is your fashion “must-have?”

MS. DRAMA: I have to always have that one structured piece in my closet. A nice blazer can dress up any outfit and add a nice polished finish. It’s my “go to” item and it always works!

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