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Twisted Reality Going Strong - Love & Hip Hop New York

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Love & Hip Hop NY has changed the game up. The cast is well put together and includes the inimitable rollercoaster that is Erica Mena and Rich Dolla$ - it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

Just when we got used to Erica and Cynthia (referred to as “Cyn”) being the most secure item on the show, considering every other couple has an issue, Erica cries her heart out to Rich explaining how Cyn does everything she wanted him to do during their relationship...oh and how she is going to make it with or without him - sound familiar?

Why does it feel like she actually does want Rich?

This, by the way, happened after Erica shared a kiss with Rich and Cyn happened to be in the building and naturally an outburst erupted.

Although Erica made it clear for the 100th time that she doesn’t want to be with Rich, she then had a jealous tantrum and got into a mini brawl with one of Rich's "friends." This friend, Jessica, happens to have a strong resemblance to Erica, but as Erica describes on a “boot leg” level.

Bottom line, Erica and Rich have something, not sure what it is, but something.

After all of this Rich shares with Yandy and takes it further by saying he wants to be in a committed relationship with Erica and Erica only...hold up!

Joe Budden and Tahiry...the wedding proposal…she denied…it’s been about a decade of them...#ICAN’T!

Moving on. Peter Gunz, Tara and Amina. This love triangle is all too common. A man (Peter) who basically has a common law wife (Tara-they have been together 12 years with two children and no commitment) has a new interest (Amina.) Only difference is, he actually MARRIED his side piece. Ouch!!

Peter feels alive again with Amina, yet can’t take his foot off of home base. After a brief stint of going back-and-forth between the two, Peter threw in the towel and told Tara he will let her go and move on. This was the most mature move made on the show so far and it also seemed the most genuine.

Yandy is still waiting by the phone for Mendecee’s calls (as he awaits a potential trial date and sits in prison) while K.Michelle has been strictly about her business this season. We haven’t seen much of K, and although she has no problem expressing her desires for a man, she is focused on her career!

More drama to come next week as things get heated between Tahiry and former BFF Rashida.

The reunion has been rumored to have multiple jaw dropping moments - with Amina possibly being pregnant and with Erica and Rich Dolla$ on the scene, it is no telling what we’re in for!

Mona Scott, you’ve done it again!

Photo: VH1