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Savvy Service

by Sarah A. Freiseis
Today's techy world is full of gadgets, gizmos, and the accessories that customize them. There's more to the story than just colorful covers and charging stations, we've discovered some essential out of the box add-ons.

Let's face it, phones are dirt magnets. Germs be gone with a new way to clean your daily device using Phone Soap. It's not what you're thinking, this doesn't involve any liquids or chemicals. The process is complete with a USB port that makes sanitizing while charging simple. The system is safe and effective using UV cleaning products without requiring any heat. Stay healthy and keep your phone looking shiny and new:

There's a lovely way to enhance your on the go experiences with, the company that delivers with touchscreen gloves. When the temperatures dip you feel it, especially at the finger tips. No need to take off your gloves every time you want to type, makes using your finger or palms on any touch screen easy. Available in a soft knit or leather, these neato gloves allow users you to tap and swipe till their heart's content in cozy comfort. Check out the full range of options online: