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Summer Behavior

by Sofroina Timmons
Fashion is what we all have in common and yet everyone’s style is different. Simply put…start your summer off shrewd and bold with OlayaBeach Swimwear. Flaunt and boast 2013 spring collection “The Solids”, “The Pop” and “Hollywood Glam” in rich color combinations, unique print designs and pops of bright fun shades. Lounge at a resort in fashion-forward bikinis, one-piece and monokini cuts focusing on accentuating your body type through pleats and ruching. Host summer gatherings at the beach or make casual conversation from yacht to yacht- in trend-setting designs adorned in faux-leather, corded ends, constructed closure clips, with full support for the full-figured to the most slender boyish silhouettes.

Take your next cruise in OlayaBeach Swimwear looking fierce in yesteryear classics of “Hollywood Glam” luxe two-piece bandeau’s eludes to the illusion of a full bust line, mix-n-match tops and bottoms to create your exclusive style. Go big and bold with chunky jewelry and ombre scarves, wide-brimmed hats and dark oversized sunglasses. It’s the person who makes the swimsuit sexy, not the other way around. Take summer 2013 to the next level with OlayaBeach Swimwear.

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2013 collection?
This collection was inspired by my closest girl friends. Is really a mix of their ideas, personalities and the things they like the most. That’s why the collection is divided it in 3 different themes. The solids, The Pop, and Hollywood Glam.

Explain the meaning behind the name… OLYABEACH SWIMWEAR COLLECTION.
OlayaBeach represents who I am, from the place where I was born to the places I have visit, every little piece of culture that I take every time I go somewhere new, my line is a mix of everything I’ve seen and learn through the years.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
The cut, the finish and the fit.

Does this line offer cover-ups, sundresses, resort wear or loungewear?
We have some sundresses/beachwear this season.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Making a good and unique product. Also I design my own prints.

Do you have any personal dos and don’ts when choosing a swimsuit?
There is a misconception about bandeaus bikinis, some women don’t buy them because they have a big breast and think they won’t have enough support. I find that there are a lot of them that have support, like my Rio style bikini is the perfect bandeau and fits all types. You need to try things on, don’t just think this won’t look good on me, put it on and be the judge. Things always look better on the body then on the hanger.

Is there a body type that your suits/collections work well with?
Not necessarily, I have different styles that could work for a curvier or slender figure.

As a follow-up, can you give our readers some tips for specific body types?
Curvy types I think solids and color-blocking bathing suits works the best, always accentuate the waist. Therefore those high waist suits work really well with this body type.
Fuller figures types, I think simple and structure bikinis work the best as well as swimsuits with some pleading, rushing can be a really good friend. With the pleats and rush, you can accentuate some parts of the body and hide others.
Boyish types, use bathing suits with a mix of fabrics and textures combination, floral and stripes help too. You need to create the illusion of a curvier figure by accentuating the hips and the bust.

What is one thing about OLAYABEACH SWIMWEAR that you would love the consumer to know?
The company from where I buy my fabrics is part of the WORLD LAND TRUST a non-profit organization set up with the aim of transforming areas with habitats showing exceptional levels of biodiversity that are at risk into protected nature reserves. This partnership with the World Land Trust and Eurojersey guarantees that for every meter of fabric sold they will save a meter of the rainforest in Argentina.

Color-blocking and some romantic ruffles.

OLAYABEACH SWIMWEAR can be purchased where and at what price points?
Stylehauss at the Groove in Los Angeles, Swimwear 360 (online store), Saks Fifth Avenue (Mexico),, my price point is btw 160 to 250.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
You can follow us:
Twitter: https:/
Facebook: https:/

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