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Feel Good Footwear

by Sarah A. Freiseis
Have you heard? Happy, healthy, chic is in. Not only are flats everywhere for fall and winter but there is more to the trend than meets the eye. Shoes by Pluggz deliver “grounding” much like the sensation of being barefoot. This technology uniquely identifies the brand as function is fused with fashion for footwear that looks as good as it feels.

The new line for fall includes an assortment of seasonal colors and styles including quilted and metallic leather flats, suede flats and stylish loafers. Each pair is made using custom formulated carbon and rubber compounds that are plugged in for support. They are situated under the weight bearing part of the foot and help to stimulate the flow of electrons through the body.

No matter the walking surface - grass, sand, soil, and even concrete this placement is scientifically recognized as having positive reinforcement for gait and posture as well as overall well-being. For more info, or to browse the selection, or place an order , visit: