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by Yvette Coleman

Sauipe Swimwear is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based Brazilian, Marcia Hacker.  Hacker is making a splash -- both in the water and in the media -–with her summer '09 collection of diverse swimwear and coordinating cover-ups. “I moved to the , 16 years ago. Every time I went home, I returned with items from : coffee, some chocolate treats, shoes and bikinis!  When I wore a suit people would ask me to bring one back for them. The idea flourished from there. My love for the beach and the natural beauty of just paved the way for Sauipe to be born!”  Sports Illustrated magazine endorsed the line by featuring three sexy suits on some of the world's top models in their 2009 Swimsuit Edition and three more in the highly anticipated issue's online version.


Inspired by Costa do Sauipe, one of the most beautiful and evocative destinations in the Brazilian state of Bahia, Sauipe Swimwear reflects the rich natural beauty of 's beaches, people, and traditions. Original designs and exclusive prints play out on high quality textiles, many of which are finished with one-of-a-kind hand-beaded details.


Hacker explains her inspirations: “Nature is always a big inspiration for us. The colors and prints evoke greens, the sunset, the sunrise (we even named the groups within our collection after those). We added a very feminine twist to those natural elements, in the form of color, graceful prints and details.  Sauipe's modified Brazilian cut maintains sex appeal while offering wear-ability and more coverage than the typical Brazilian bikini”.



Please finish this sentence: “The celebrity that best embodies our brand is...

Jennifer Aniston. Not only is she beautiful, but she 'bounces back' in many ways. She works out, takes care of herself, and is looking better and better every year. She is also a great professional, versatile.


Who is your ideal customer...and why?

Our ideal customer is one that is looking to highlight her own personality. She is fashionable and classy at the same time, someone who is not afraid to wear something a little different once in a while.


Why do I want to buy your brand before others?

Our collection is known for using unexpected elements. We utilize exciting mixes of fabrics, exclusive hardware elements and hand-embroidered details that just add that 'wow' factor to our styles.  After that initial 'wow', you just have to get that suit!


Are there major differences in swimwear collection as far as regions?  Are American collections different from Brazilian collections?

Yes. Brazilian collections are usually smaller in size and there is much more variety in prints and colors. American collections are bigger and fewer choices of colors and prints. Sauipe ...adjusted our cut to be flattering and wearable [but] not as small as typical Brazilian swimwear.

Tell us about the fabric choice.  Is there anything that would surprise us?

Always!  In addition to the high quality Lycra® used in many of our suits, I look for different textures and high quality materials that would normally not be used in swimsuits, but have the perfect elasticity, touch and feel to create something really unique.


What are some of the more popular styles of swimwear that you sell?

Our tie dye suits are always popular.  The material is so soft, silky and has a great fit.  Our Palomar  tie dyes) and Baleia style featured in Sports Illustrated are also very popular. They are very comfortable for most body types.


What do you think will be the biggest trends in swimwear this spring '09 season?

Retro and ethnic themes. As the world becomes 'smaller' and we communicate with anyone at anytime, we are seeing influences from rich cultures that used to be foreign to us. The world is now in love with other cultures' colors, prints and music.


What's next for your collection? 

Our 2010 Collection will be released later in 2009 and we will keep that a secret for now! We are introducing some very exciting exclusive prints -– we love to play with colors and unexpected elements.


Advice for women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love your collection?

Sauipe's variety of styles cater to the model type and to the 'normal' body type as well. For instance, women with larger breasts may look and feel better wearing a halter top, instead of a bandeau top. Colors and prints are also very important, and solid colors can call less attention to the area you want to hide.


Words of Wisdom from Marcia Hacker:

Be patient, organized and persistent. As long as you stay on track and know how to adjust to the adversities, success will follow.


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