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by Yvette Coleman

Saha Swimwear was born in 2005 when two young entrepreneurs had the vision of filling a market space where women could wear high-end swimwear with an attitude.


What was your inspiration for your spring 2009 collection?

We are surrounded by images, shapes, textures designed by nature, the environment, and man. Each element is and will ultimately be interpreted and internalized in a unique way. That is why; Saha presents “Visual Attraction” collection filled with figures, geometry, waves, and textures that speak to every woman's own perceptions and interpretations.  In each piece, Saha offers the possibility for women to become conscious of their inner world perceptions and thus connecting their senses, and femininity to all of which surrounds us.


What are your designers doing to keep the collection relevant in this economy?

Building and transmitting a brand spirit that let women identify with the SAHA line.


How is Saha Swimwear different from others? 

Our products are hand made in with the highest quality and the fashion standards. Since in it inception our value proposition is framed in providing our target market differentiated value added products with several strategic objectives. 


Our combination of colors, prints, cuts and accessories, make the SAHA brand a modern yet elegant choice in which women can feel and appear comfortable. We offer reversible swimsuits that generate different combinations in only one bikini. In addition to our unique options and high end image, our competitive advantage lies in our seamless technology. Our exclusive designs and materials are always updated with the most recent trends and styles. Our primary objective is to operate with high competitive standards and to deliver above customer expectations.


What are some of the more popular styles of swimwear that you sell?

The ones that flatter the figure because of the non presence of elastic bands. Also the ones that are reversible because customers perceive it as buying more than one bikini.


What are we looking forward to this summer?

In colors: Yellow, orange, fuchsia and all variety of purples.

In cuts: Halter tops and bottoms that could be worn with style and comfort


Saha Swimwear can be purchased in 12 different countries and in the most prestigious boutiques and specialty stores worldwide.


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