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Heavy Hitters

by Sofroina Timmons
I heard someone say, “You knocked them out the box”, as I walked by a group of people in the neon lights. It didn’t dawn on me what the guy meant until I saw other people crane their necks while I high stepped it across the street. Turns out it was the dazzling rocks on my ears, which caused their eyes to pop out. I wore printed CAD 3d software designs that were fun, fresh, and mod. They’re out of this realm like Judy Jetson far out! Really!

Want a pair? Your ego will thank you! Get Summer Powell’s Gemetrica Collection from the aptly titled brand “Summerized”. The collection features stunning SLS – “Selective Laser Sintering”, a 3d print technology that fuses materials that build up to complex objects one layer at a time creating your “girl’s best friend”: three-dimensional realities for any occasion. Blinga-blinga, bling, bling…need I say more!?

Powell has enjoyed merging 2 and 3 dimensional media such as, vacuum-formed speaker inspired briefcases for VH1, temporary technological tattoos bringing day light to the night and is co-founder of Elevator, a New York City based boutique firm representing big names in the industry like, Viacom and the Oxygen Network.

If you haven’t started updating your bling for the New Year, then this is where you should start. The future generation of laser cut diamonds is here. Let’s hear it from the cat’s mouth:

Tell us about the genesis of the Gemetrica Collection.
I founded Summerized, and created the Gemetrica collection. I was very excited about all the beautiful things I could make with an innovative technology called 3d printing, and wanted to learn CAD (computer aided drawing program) to realize my ideas.
The first assignment I gave myself was to create diamond earrings based on the three-dimensional outline of a classic diamond cut. After creating the diamonds on the computer, I sent the file to my 3d printer in Holland, to be “printed” in three dimensions for me.
Almost like magic, few weeks later, I received a package in the mail containing beautiful resin diamond earrings. They were graphic, beautiful and fun – all my friends wanted a pair, and I knew I was onto something! The Rock Star Diamond Earrings naturally led to other gem-inspired designs in the same unique, graphic style.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
The Gemetrica Collection is a futuristic, geometric reinvention of classic, elegant jewelry designs. I’ve basically turned those old-fashioned designs on their head, in a way that’s very wearable, sophisticated and fun.
While learning CAD, I was inspired by seeing objects (such as diamonds!) as three-dimensional wireframes on screen. It seemed like they could be fascinating as actual real-world objects. And they are!

How do you remain competitive in this market?
I have a distinct design vision and aesthetic. Plus, the high-tech 3d printing production process allows me to create whatever styles and shapes I can imagine. I'll remain competitive by offering a product that’s unique, wearable and goes easily from day to night.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
The Gemetrica Collection takes cues from both sleek modern influences, and Victorian sumptuousness, fusing them into a whole new aesthetic that’s fun, luxe, and ultra-wearable.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies the Gemetrica Collection’s style and why?
Azealea Banks exemplifies the Gemetrica Collection's style because she's bold, fun and fresh with her style. Azealea is cutting edge, like 3d printed jewelry. And, like the Gemetrica Collection, she's a fashion time traveler, effortlessly combining influences from different eras.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
I love that there’ve been so many bold stripes and mod silhouettes on the runway lately. Summerized’s bold graphic jewelry works so well with strong pattern and modern, sleek shapes.
Emerald is the Pantone color of the year, and it’s so fun and fresh. My upcoming collections include some bright, beautiful Emerald pieces. Gold and metallics continue to be a big trend, and my upcoming gold-plated sterling, and sterling silver designs are a really unique way to wear metallic.

Where can the Gemetrica Collection be purchased and at what price points?
The Summerized Gemetrica Collection can be purchased at at prices ranging from $75 to $125.

What's next for Summerized?
I'm really excited about some new precious metal designs, and may also start to use gemstones. I'm having fun with animal themes, and [we] are also inspired by nature, from constellations to crystal structures. And I continue to play with new technologies to bring fresh aesthetics to my audience!

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