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Bling Stability

by Sofroina Timmons
Accessories are second on my fave list for fashion. I love to incorporate statement pieces to complete my look. And I really enjoy wearing ring-studded jewelry for an added bling effect, but when they don’t stay in place I don’t look fabulous. I know I’m not the only one having the same issue with certain rings that don’t fit well and cause me not to enjoy showing them off. I found the perfect effective solution just in time for the holidays.

I cannot do without BLINGTASTIC Jewelry. It locks down my dazzling accessories with BlingGuard ensuring a perfect fit whether I had a professional fitting or not. The BlingGuard Collection includes BlingWraps (set of 30, $14.99) that stabilize stunning stones to remain in place without turning, twisting or slipping off my artistically painted mani. I absolutely rave over this product. The transparent, matte finish forms an invisible “padlock” and is a hypo-allergenic, latex-free band that blends unnoticeably and is comfortable while on your finger.

BlingDots (45 pairs, $14.99) are cushiony-soft and also have hypoallergenic foam that doesn’t irritate the skin and relieves the weight and pressure of my chandelier, hoops or large studded earrings (for the entire day). My earrings don’t tug, pull or tilt anymore! Now my accessories are stately positioned and fabulously beautiful. Go grab your stocking stuffer this Christmas available at

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