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R&B Divas

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
With so many reality shows in rotation, it becomes hard to believe most of them are not scripted, but scripted or not, R&B Divas delivers!

R&B singers Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt, Sylena Johnson, Nicci Gilbert and Monifah are the cast members of the show and they are challenged with returning on a stronger level into the public’s eye by way of a collaborative charity album. Although Faith would be the most familiar face and probably the most successful so far, the more we watch the show, the more we remember why we loved them all in the first place.

The show does a great job of displaying their authentic writing talent and remarkable vocals. Each singer deals with real life issues from insecurities, to drug addictions, struggles with motherhood and finding ways to remain passionate and relevant in the industry. Faith Evans (one of the producers) along with TV One joined forces and created a mature and intimate show with just a little hint of rachetness to keep us all entertained-certified hit!