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B. Styliz Ortiz - Pretty Boy with the House In Virginia

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Activist and Author B. Styliz Ortiz does NOT disappoint with his new book, Pretty Boy with the House in Virginia! The title alone is intriguing and the real life story about this young, strong-willed Brooklyn native will leave you wanting a sequel.
B. Styliz Ortiz, at just 22, chronicles his life and the relationship with his mother who died from cancer at the tender age of 36. He shares details about the pain he carried in his heart about dealing with his homosexuality – more poignantly; dealing with the backlash he would receive from society as a consequence.

This was a fear his mother also had for her son, how society would view him: “Growing up, my mother would say things like, ‘Be a man’...'Stop playing with your girl cousins!’ she accepted the fact that I was gay, but she still wanted me to be more masculine and not be flamboyant because she cared about the way people would treat me."

After B.Styliz Ortiz’s mother passed away, he became numb and as he puts it, “I fell into lust, not love, but lust with the wrong people. I was 16 years-old when my mother died and she was literally my soul provider, she was all I knew.” He started to live what he refers to as an “experimental life style.”

Any person who thinks that gay people don’t deal with the same struggles in their relationships that any straight person would, this book would prove that you are sadly mistaken. Being cheated on - check! Taken advantage of financially - check! Just plain old fooled and bamboozled by your loved one - check! Ortiz reveals his most intimate experiences in all aspects and how he now deals with living with H.I.V.

The book is a must read and will be available Oct. 19th under Talk Dat Ish Publishing.

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