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T.I. and The Family Hustle

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
T.I., Tiny and family had a season premiere last night of the Family Hustle.

The show did not necessarily disappoint, but at the same time, the trailer had me anticipating some real sparks.

On last night’s episode, in an effort to bring the family closer without modern day electronics (no iPhones, iPads, iPods, iAnything) T.I. took the family on a camping trip. There was the stereotypical statement announced among the group of children, “Black people don’t go camping,” which needless to say was supposed to be a “punch line” for the audience, but it was too cliché to laugh at, no matter how cute the child was who blurted it out.

T.I.’s goal was to teach his children how to just spend time together and enjoy their time without being glued to a device. I applaud his efforts, that is something hard for even adults to do. The trip was successful overall (especially since it is a reality show and can end however the producers would like it to end) as the kids made their father proud by making the best of the trip and genuinely had a good time.

While extremely refreshing it is to see a rapper spend time with his family and present his wife to the world without worrying about hurting his opportunities with the female fans, the show didn’t have that “umph.” I’m not sure if they are playing into the cameras too much or completely use to the cameras now and not playing into them enough, either way a little lackluster. Family Hustle is still a good show in the big sea of reality TV. The season is young, things will kick off, with six kids it has to.