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Bring on the Heat

by Sofroina Timmons
Wherever the sails take you this Olympic 2012 summer, beach your sun kissed frame in OlayaBeach Swimwear designed by Clio Olaya who debuted her hot Resort Collection trends, which are inspired by the beaches of Ecuador.

Soak up all of the attention this summer in sexy silhouettes of animal Amalfi prints in leopard, a sumptuous eco-friendly fabric that feels like skin with an intriguing bandeau accented in gold embellishments – it is making everyone go safari wild.

Look like a Goddess of Sicily in OlayaBeach floral one-piece design named Sardinia, a plunging neckline and low-open back contouring every curve your body has to offer. If that’s not your type of flirt, then you will absolutely enjoy Lampedusa bikini, the top has push-up foam creating the look of smooth and natural curves with bust darts. This two-piece is unique and sensually beautiful with contrasting color binding the top and bottom.

All eyes will be focused on you and the Vulcano, a sexy triangle top and bottom featuring silver details accentuating your body and all of its assets. Place your foot upon the sand while donning this must-have signature piece, Rio, Olaya’s bestseller from the Resort Collection. This sought-after stunner hypnotized the masses when Bachelorette Vienna Girardi was featured in US Weekly in this luxuriously daunting fabulous design on a boat in South Beach. OlayaBeach Swimwear executes fashion-forward cuts in high quality fabrics that create exotic styles showcased in romantic ruffles, lace and beading. Expect colorful bandeau’s twisted precisely for a comfortable fit, well-constructed branded cord ends and adorned buckles.

Be the first to prepare for summer 2013 at the sneak preview of OlayaBeach Swimwear at CurveNV Las Vegas featuring retro inspired designs and Solids that are timeless and classic. I guarantee OlayaBeach Swimwear will enhance your summer look elegantly.

Tell us about your inspiration for your current collection.
The OlayaBeach Spring/Summer 2012 represents beach towns around my two favorite vacation places in the world, Italy and Brazil. Whenever I think of these places only positive thoughts come to mind, the sun, the beach and beautiful people.
Every time I visit them I experience amazing energy and I wanted my collection to represent all this.
Last summer I was sailing around the Eolian Islands in the South of Italy, I was admiring all this little charming beach towns with the most colorful landscapes. That, in a way, reminded me of my town Esmeraldas…where everything is so bright, full of lights, colors that inspire me to create this collection.

How and why did OlayaBeach start and who started it?
My collection started a year ago, but is been a long time dream. Being a model for years helped me to develop an understanding and love for fashion, that's why I decided to go to school and learn all the technicalities on how to create a garment. Growing up in a beach town in South America was also what inspired me to create a Swimwear line.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
OlayaBeach is made to beautified the woman body, and we put special emphasis in the fit as well as using high quality Italian fabrics, without too much boning or under-wires we can still make an structure bathing suit that will feel like second skin.

Looking at the timeline of the evolution of swimwear, the swimsuit has come a long way. Where do you see it going the next 5-10 years?
I think if we talk about fabrics it will keep evolving, pushed by the amazing eco-friendly movement. I believe mostly everything will be made of natural fabrics. Regarding design itself, the classic triangle will always be the favorite, and that will not change. Whatever people say women like to be comfortable at the beach, feel easy and free. You might see still some dramatic and futuristic bikinis that will probably look really cool in the cover of a magazine, but in ten years from now we will still see the women walking down the beach in their two piece classic triangle.

Do you design for both men and women?
Only women

How do you remain competitive in this market?
I try to create pieces that are timeless, that can be worn throughout seasons; I believe that simplicity is the key.

What's next for OlayaBeach?
Some really fun prints and cool color-blocking styles.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We will be at CURVEXPO Las Vegas showing our Spring/Summer 2013, you can check our out website for the latest updates, as well as our Facebook and twitter page.

Where can OlayaBeach be purchased?
OlayaBeach can be purchased online at and in Los Angeles at Stylehaus Boutique at the Mondrian Hotel, Live on Sunset and Feature Boutique.

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