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Entertaining Tid Bits!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Chelsea Handler Loves Big Black Men…Rick Ross!
Last week Chelsea Handler had no problem getting a little sensual with the boss, Ricky Rosay!

Rick Ross appeared on Chelsea Lately and was greeted quite well! Chelsea gave Mr. Maybach Music himself a lap dance!
Rick was on the show to promote his new album “God Forgives, I Don’t.” Chelsea informed Rick that she “loves big black men,” while he let her in on how he’s a “very passionate lover.”

50 out, Rick Ross in!

View Vh1 clip for full piece:

The Reality Is…There Is No escaping it!

Reality TV is everywhere. There are reality shows on just about every cable network , topics ranging from cooking, being wives, making music, getting fit, becoming a model, couples in therapy, looking for love to even selling real estate and the list goes on.
Oddly enough, as much as I long for a great series, regular sitcoms almost look ancient when turning on the tube. If the person on the screen isn’t looking straight into the camera confessing about whom they just cheated with, or why they just fought, it just seems so irrelevant!

It appears as if anyone can get a deal - just ask Big Ang!

But when is enough enough? What happened to the days of a good ol’ sitcom with a cast of skilled actors and a powerhouse script? Those days are practically extinct.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

Here is a list of the top reality shows of the summer:
Big Ang - Vh1
Love & Hip Hop: ATL - Vh1
Housewives of NY - Bravo
Housewives of NJ -Bravo
Million Dollar Listing - Bravo
Mama Drama -Vh1
Hollywood Exes -Vh1

Did you know that T.I.…

Rapper T.I. is currently seeking models for his new clothing line AKOO.

AKOO is gearing up for its Fall line and is giving everyone the opportunity to become their new “face.”

Follow link at: for more information.

Rihanna is on…

Rihanna is on the current cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine!

Finally a piece of Rihanna- related news that has nothing to do with…

Check out her photo shoot here:

Photo Credits:
Rick Ross /Chelsea: Vh1
Reality Shows: Vh1/Bravo
T.I.: Sony Pictures
Rihanna: Vibe Vixen