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One to Watch...Dirty South!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
So if you like originality, you are going to love Pretty Good!

Mardell Miller, a.k.a. rapper Pretty Good is more than his namesake; he's a BEAST with the mic!

With a stage performance that will not just hold your attention, but get your soul into each melody, he works the whole stage without "begging" for attention. Pretty Good has raised the bar on "how to do this, son!"

Hailing from the dirty south, North Carolina to be exact, this rapper has been working at his craft and creating great music for years. His influences include, Nas, 2pac, Outkast, Biggie and more. Pretty Good has found a way to naturally incorporate the enthusiasm of his mentors into his music.

His current single Forever, can be heard at

Find out more about this Morehead City native at:!/pgoodz

Hit him up on Facebook for upcoming performances and new releases at Mardell Miller also follow him on twitter @pgoods.