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Another Round? Nope not on Lil Weezy's watch!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
By now, most are exhausted by the Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill, Rihanna story.

Well, so is Lil Wayne!

A quick run-down of what happened…
Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill were all involved in a NYC club brawl earlier this week, which resulted in Chris Brown getting stitches in his chin after being hit with a bottle (sources don't know if it was Ciroc...sorry Diddy!).

Anyhoo, it was reported that members of Drake and Meek Mill entourages were actually the aggressors in this and not Drake or Meek. As told by every media platform thus far, Chris Brown sent over a bottle and a note to Drake as a sign of peace as the two have been indirectly feuding with each other on Twitter over, you guessed it, Rihanna. Drake sent the bottle back (oh boy) and then approached Chris Brown's "area" along with Meek Mill. Words were exchanged and then bottles flew. Evelyn Lozada would be proud.

Meek Mill, no stranger to Rihanna as well, also took part in the Twitter conversation that somehow named no names specifically, but told it all at the same time. Examples of tweets "She's a dream chaser!" Chris Brown tweeted that after Rihanna was spotted out with Meek Mill - who happens to have a mixtape called Dream Chaser. "These chicks belong to the game, not you," tweeted by Meek Mill. "Oh, that's your hoe too!", Drake threw that out there.
So all of this chaos, appeared to be over Rihanna, and SHE WASN'T EVEN THERE when this all enthralled us.

Well, the Young Money Cash Money team is fed up and although they support Drake and stand behind him, they also want this fiasco to end. Lil Wayne reportedly has told Drake to "end this now!"

Any smart businessman in the music industry knows that making music with Chris Brown usually guarantees you a certified hit! Breezy has previously recorded with Weezy and it has always been a win-win situation. To have two talents like Chris Brown and Drake make war and not love, in the music sense, it doesn't seem right.

News flash! Rihanna can tell and show the world that Chris Brown physically assaulted her and then turn around and make a hit record with him, you know Drake and Chris need to kiss, make up and hit the studio to write about it- Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake!