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Love and Hip Hop ATL - Does it Stand a Chance?

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
So, I doubted that any reality show could top the NY cast of Love and Hip Hop, especially with Mama Jones on board who is always good for a belly-up laugh, as she keeps it MORE than 100, which is why we love her, but I think Mama Dee (of Atlanta cast) is hard on her heels.

After all the promoting and cast information profiles, finally, Monday night was the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! It was entertaining to say the least.
Producer, Stevie J (who has worked with Bad Boy, Jay-Z, Eve...and dated many more heavy hitters), is definitely a playboy.

While we see his relationship (of 15 years) with his daughter's mother, Mimi, we also get a glimpse of his studio life and relationship with his artist, Joseline. Joseline is an ex-stripper and aspiring rapper who definitely has more than professional intentions with Stevie J. "I want Stevie for everything," she quipped. Needless to say she and Mimi are clearly not the best of friends.

Another interesting character is rapper Lil Scrappy's mother, Mama Dee. She is aggressive but approachable and will do anything for her son. She is actually a former pimp and ex-dealer and carries that mentality in life. Her guards are up at all times, but shows extreme love and affection for her son. She is ready to fix problems the Mama Dee way - pit bull style! Like her son Scrappy said, "My mama is TTG- TRAINED TO GO!""And in that order!"(Mama Dee line).

We watch Mama Dee rant to Scrappy's baby's mother Erica, about being more affectionate to her son. This was after Scrappy paid Mama Dee a visit and expresses his concerns about his relationship with Erica, or lack thereof. He talked about how he isn't getting that "extra" from Erica. When Erica speaks up for herself, Mama Dee starts to yell and gets very animated about how Erica's mother didn't raise her well and did inappropriate things and somehow that turns into us hearing her state, "I'm the Queen and I'm not giving up my seat!" Erica then asks Mama Dee, "Did you take your medication?" Mama Dee then calmly replies "no" and then tells Erica in a polite tone: "just fix whatever it is you and Scrappy are going through." Classic Vh1 drama.

Another headliner was singer K.Michelle. She is shown singing her heart out in the booth with the traditional "red cup" we usually see at any urban event, and she has lots to say! She was previously signed to a label and her boyfriend/manager at the time blew all her money. She has no music to show for it and he also physically abused her to the 10th power. She is working on getting her career back on track, continues to speak out against domestic violence, and wants to live life.

Overall, the show did hold viewers' attention, but it felt very scripted during certain scenes. I know that most of them are rehearsed, but at least don't let us feel like you have an acting coach to the left of you and cue cards to the right of you!

I look forward to knowing the other characters and what situations they bring to the table. The show will get more and more exciting as time goes on I'm sure. Don't believe me, well… with Producers having baby mothers and girlfriends constantly bickering (Stevie J), a female rapper fighting to keep her career and husband intact (Rasheeda), a former model and aspiring rapper who had no problem informing her friend Mimi about Stevei J's encounters with Joseline (Karli), an up and coming (for the second time) aspiring singer who was allegedly physically abused by Memphitz (Latoya Wright's husband, who is also Lil Wayne's ex-wife and baby's mother)(K.Michelle), an ex-stripper, turned rapper who is after her producer for life (Joseline), a bitter woman who has spent the last 15 years of her life justifying the good, the bad and the ugly with no commitment from her man (Mimi), with a rapper who actually WANTS affection and isn't scared to tell his mom that in front of the world (Lil Scrappy & Erica) and ultimately, with an over bearing mom who is "trained to go!" -- This show will be the ultimate roller coaster ride!