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Sporty Rugged Fashion

by Sofroina Timmons
Got some suggestions on fashion for Father’s Day 2012? I want to get him the traditional tie, manly machinery or the undying sock and under garment gift this year. If you’re with that type of guy…then ok, but if you want him to really feel appreciated, opt for sporty men’s wear from USA Rugby.

The American Adventure line should do the trick. If he’s not an outdoorsy person, this will get him to visualize that he can handle the life in the wilderness, get some unchartered exploration in view and mountain climbing - heck, he may consider some light hunting for wabbits!

Women, this is fashion moving forward for us. If you make him look the way he feels, it’s like he thought of it himself without our eye rolling, choopsying-of-the-teeth (sucking your teeth) or our infamous grunts: “why can’t he dress better?” You can act as his ghost-stylist beaming from a distance while he looks trendy in fleece, outerwear, denim, tees and polos - a traditional/classic inspired by an American Heritage era.

This line has lots of unique trim that doesn’t look feminine and bold textures and practical details that look manly. He’ll appreciate and enjoy the comfort and look smart in edgy designs, silhouettes and techniques (it’ll go unnoticed to him). Besides, he needs a change in lifestyle right?

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
American heritage and iconic eras continue to give us inspiration for what we do. We recently finished an American Adventure collection where we used visuals like the wilderness, mountain exploration and climbing, along with traditional and classic looks to achieve a very rugged collection. Lots of textures and unique trim details will be seen throughout our collections as well.

Why the name USA Rugby?
USA Rugby represents the rugged gentleman. Strong American made values with a refined aesthetic. That’s what USA Rugby is.

What was the hardest thing about conceptualizing the latest collection?
Making sure that there is a consistency within the brand, while also not looking repetitive.

How do you remain competitive and what differentiates your line from the other brands?
Keeping our customers’ needs first. Lots of brands get too far ahead of their core supporters. We want our brand to grow with them.
We are taking classic American looks and updating it with what our consumer is looking for. Still keeping the American lifestyle, we are not afraid to play with edgier fabrics, trims, silhouettes, and techniques. We also like to provide our customer with a plethora of hidden details. The inner beauty of a garment is extremely important to us.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
Our era is now! I think fashion right now is a mix tape. It’s a personal reflection of who you are individually.

What is one thing about USA Rugby that you would love the consumer to know?
I’d love for our customer to know that we are the same as them. The guys who design our line are also our target customers therefore always being up to date with what is trending. We are the everyday guys who have style and understand fashion.

Where can USA Rugby be purchased and what are the price points?
Our larger accounts are Downtown Locker Room as well as Shelmar. We also sell to smaller specialty stores such as Brickz in NJ and Bobby’s Sportswear in NY.

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