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Basketball Wives Cast Member Royce Reed is all Grown up!

Royce Reed, one of the cast members from Basketball Wives, is the youngest of the group, but by far has proved to be the wisest.

With recent embarrassing scenes between Evelyn and Jennifer and the most current “debacle”, to put it mildly, between Tami and Keshia, the show has taken a turn for the worst. Tami was really outrageous as she held Keshia’s pocketbook hostage. Really Tami? Who are you to take someone’s property and tell them to ask for it back! SMH...uggghhh!

Well, Royce, who has always been consistent with her character and although small in stature, is nobody’s lackey, has her own blog and has made it clear that this behavior is completely unacceptable and degrading. You can follow Royce on Twitter: @Roycelr

Check out Royce’s VH1 blog at: