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Proper Street Knowledge

by Sofroina Timmons
Some think urban street wear is easy to put together. NOT! You must have the right swag...characteristics if you will. You can’t be ‘bout it unless you know ‘bout it. And faking the phunk will set you back even further. If you’re looking to add some of that street essence to your structured life, peep one of the fastest growing urban lines, 8732 True Street Life Style, which was created by rapper/artist Young Jeezy.

Established in 2006, 8732 was originally known as USDA (United Street and DBoys of America) the conflict of acronyms with the United States Department of Agriculture gave the brand the motivation to code the letters to numbers that represent the touchtone phone keypad.

This line can be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe without missing a beat. Young Jeezy’s eye for street fashion is right on the money. The men’s wear has a business casual appeal with an urban flare in polos, sweaters, long sleeves and jackets that set the stage for any man who continues his grind. The tees are simple with bold color prints with trim around the neck and quarter sleeves make a good transitional look in cardigans and jackets for a nice casual finish. Jeans, cargo pants and shorts are designed purposefully with the intent of work and play.

Give us some background info on 8732.
The Collection was started from the streets, there was a huge movement happening in the streets with fashion and the urban culture. Some of the bigger urban companies that came before us had started to transition their look and were no longer true to [their] consumers. So Young Jeezy felt the timing was perfect for a new collection of fashion that Spoke Directly to the Street.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
The inspiration behind the latest collection was trying to play off of the Olympics. As we all know it is one of the biggest global events in the World. Also, one where it’s okay to brag about your country. So we created a Red/White/Blue collection in honor of the USA.

What was the hardest thing about conceptualizing the latest collection?
The hardest thing about conceptualizing the last collection was using the colors of America but keeping the design aesthetics of the brand, continuing to keep the look of the street. We don’t want to look like we are something other than who we are.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
The biggest trends in our market right now are colored denim jeans and denim vests. Washed and destructed denim is also trending once again. Lastly, athletic apparel is making a huge come back. Sweat suits, hoodies, and track jackets…a sportier look is trending now.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
One of the first things that differentiate our brand opposed to other brands. First, I would say quality it has been said that our quality is the best in the Urban Arena. Second, I would say our Aesthetic it’s true to the consumer. Lastly, is our price - we are still one of the highest priced collections in the market.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
The way we remain competitive is we stay true to who we are as a brand, we give our consumer what they want and we genuinely care about the clothing. For 8732 it’s more about making a quality product than it is about making a dollar.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
As far as social media campaigns we have Twitter, Facebook and 8732 Films where we shoot music videos and commercials for artists that endorse the brand.

What is one thing about 8732 that you would love the consumer to know?
The one thing that we focus on outside of the quality of the garment is the detail we pry ourselves on the details of the garment. In each and EVERY Item of 8732 there are 10 to 20 small details that make the biggest difference in the garment.

What’s next for 8732?
[We are] expanding our distribution with the addition of two new divisions: 8732 Sport and a more contemporary designed collection that’s inspired from Young Jeezy’s present lifestyle.

Where can 8732 be purchased and at that price points?
Our collection can be purchased at Dillard’s, JBees, Active Wear,, and at other better specialty chains.

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