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Husband to Wife: From this Day Forward

by Charles Archer
Leon, the actor, singer, and musician, with over 30 movies and television shows will be seen on May 12, 2012 in the GMC gospel playFrom This Day Forward. Audiences will again see a great performance in a story of trust and expectations. Two couples’ relationships are put to a test that will shape the rest of their lives. Leon plays Deon, a committed, faithful, attentive husband who despite these honorable traits is not trusted by his wife, Patrice. After having the opportunity to talk with Leon, there is no doubt that this is a man totally committed to anything he gets involved in from his craft to his band.

Archer: It's such a pleasure to talk with you this morning. You have had an impressive career. Congratulations on your longevity and on this project, From this Day Forward.

Leon: Thank You.

Archer: How did you get involved with this Project?

Leon: I got involved kind of a chance meeting. I was at a party and the director said they wanted to work with me. I indicated okay, send me the script and the rest is the play.

Archer: Tell me about your character, Deon, and his marriage with Patrice?

Leon: My wife in the play is Patrice, played by the talented Essence Atkins. Deon and Patrice have been married for about four years. Deon is a faithful and loving husband. Despite this commitment, Patrice is constantly doubting him and even talking it too far. Patrice takes it so far that Deon can’t even do anything special for her because of the lack of trust and insecurity.

Archer: What does Deon do in this situation?

Leon: Deon understands that Patrice has insecurities. When we have an attractive mate and we think and see other women throwing themselves at your partner people think how could they not cheat. Deon has a strong belief in God, Love and Marriage. He decides his marriage will not go south and this issue will not break him and his wife, Patrice.

Archer: Does Patrice’s friendships play a role in her distrust of Deon?

Leon: We all have friends that feed into our insecurities and fuel trust issues. When someone finds what him or her thinks is evidence of cheating we often let others become outspoken about our lives when we should not.

Archer: How important is "trust" in Love and Marriage?

Leon: Trust is very important. Infidelity is prevalent in all our lives and every relationship is affected by it at some point.

Archer: Why does Lucas feel the need for a prenuptial agreement with Corrine?

Leon: Its common sense. With a 58% divorce rate, everyone is faced with what happens should my marriage ends. It’s about preparation.

Archer: With the friendships in his play, how important are married couple friendships with married and single friends?

Leon: Individuals, married or single, should be well-rounded. I think it’s important to have married, divorced and single friends at least for different perspectives on life. Make your own decisions, but talk with everyone.

Archer: What do you hope audiences get from this gospel play?

Leon: This is the second installment of the GMC series around marriage, weddings and vows. I hope that audiences developed a renewed faith in relationships and marriages. Everyone has shortcomings, but that we in our relationships can rise above these traits and invest in our relationships.

Archer: As a gospel play, do you think someone will come to know God through the play? If so, how?

Leon: I do not think that someone will come to know God but will be uplifted and inspired by this play. If you already know God, you might have a different experience but I hope everyone has a renewed faith in relationships.

Archer: How was it working with the cast, especially aspiring actress Vanessa Simmons?

Leon: Everyone did a good job as well as Vanessa. It was good to be on the stage with seasoned actors and actress, in addition to someone new to acting.

Archer: You have been busy. With your upcoming projects: Ex-Free, Soul Ties and The Cheaters Club - Is there a single thread in your choice of projects?

Leon: There is not a single thread. Ex-Free is about three women and the experiences of their relationships and failed relationships; while Soul Ties is about a woman that develops habits and traits after watching the relationship of her mother and father; then there’s The Cheaters Club which is self explanatory. (Laughing).

Archer: (Laughing) So, is the single thread relationship?

Leon: Not the relationships in From This Day Forward, but maybe relationships of different kinds.

Archer: Do you think that From This Day Forward will become a sitcom?

Leon: Without a doubt it can become a sitcom. I saw the elements of these characters and how each can be developed. I believe that audiences would relate and see themselves in each character.

Archer: Well, I sure hope it does. There are relationship issues to be revealed, dealt with and improved by this play. Good luck and All the best. Any last words?

Leon: My band, Leon and The Peoples, will be touring throughout the summer and fall...Check Us Out!

To Connect with Leon follow him on Twitter: @wwwJustLeon.