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Bikini Winks

by Sofroina Timmons
Simple design, easy to wear and pleasing to the eye, you will flirt your way across the sand in Bettinis Swimwear Spring 2012 Collection. These bathing beauties are made of soft fabrics with hombre crochets accented with lace details and delicate crystals. Covering your assets is the thing of the past. Show your bum with enough cheeky coverage in a flirtatious way without any offense to the naked eye.

You will definitely have fun wearing hip everyday designs for the beach, poolside or trekking to tropical islands. You can choose from the more moderate styles of “Chelsea” and “Tiff” bottoms or the “Perfect 10” bikini that flatters your shape, or opt for the “Trapeze” top, which is versatile too! Fun tops and mix-matching bottoms create an array of styles all spring and summer long, and the summery bursts of color are just right.

Give us some background info on Bettinis?
The idea for Bettinis came to me through a series of dream like events that have shaped and inspired my own life. Growing up I spent my summers on the beaches of North Carolina and ever since have been drawn to the beauty of the ocean, waves, sand, seashells, dolphins, and sandcastles. That inspiration brought me to my home today - Hermosa Beach, California.

What does Bettinis mean?
While having fun with friends, talking of my idea to design a small bikini, a slight twist on words happened between my name, Bettina, and the word bikini- and Bettinis was born!

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2012 collection?
Crochets and anything with texture that is simple and easy to wear on the beach.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
Bettinis was born and made in southern California and we continue to make everything here in the USA.

How important is swimwear in fashion and does it play a significant part in today's fashion?
Yes, it reminds us that we can all be a little more laid back once in a while. Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated and Bettinis is just that: uncomplicated.

What's next for Bettinis?
2013 is going to be really special and is by far my favorite! Pastels mixed with pops of neon’s and some really cool new fabrics. Also, a little hint of desert sun with some tribal prints and small suede trims.

Where can Bettinis be purchased and what are the price points?
Bettinis swimwear retails from $120-150 and one can buy online at and

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