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Crowning Bathing Beauties

by Sofroina Timmons
To the women who once dreamed of becoming Miss USA or Miss Universe as a little girl and didn’t get a chance to pursue that endeavor, you can still keep the dream alive on your next excursion to the beach wearing official swimwear of the 2012 Miss Universe® and Miss USA® (June 3rd) Competitions, courtesy of iconic Australian label Kooey Australia.

Designed and made in Western Australia, Kooey Australia creates spectacular designs inspired by Australian landscapes. This season’s collection offers resort wear and seasonal custom-designed prints of one pieces, bikinis, and separates. Bold cuts, shapes and styles with striking bright hues are vivid and upstage swimwear competitors.

Anne Hanning, Kooey’s print artist, is adept at interpreting the unique Australian country and culture. Her modern inspiration of luminous color from birds, lush flora and fauna are some of the details cascaded over sleek silhouettes.

Guys, you can get in on some bathing action this May 2012 when Kooey Australia launches its full men’s line at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia. Try to keep the royal hand waving to a minimum, ladies, you don’t want to lose sight of your R&R.

Where does the name Kooey Australia originate?
The name Kooey is distinctly Australian, a phonetic derivation of the well known Australian call to attract attention over long distances – ‘cooee’ – fitting for a swimwear label originating from one of the most geographically isolated countries on the map.

What is one thing about Kooey Australia that you would love the consumer to know?
Our design team is all different shapes and sizes and all have different tastes allowing us to offer a good variety that everyone can find something great from.

The swimsuit has evolved over the years – where do you see it heading in 5-10 years?
I see swimwear going back to more traditional styles that emphasize a woman’s figure. I think gone are the days where people want to bare it all with small triangles but now want to enhance what they have and are more likely to wear a style with more support that looks good.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
Kooey’s patterns, prints and styles stand apart from the mainstream, branding their wearer – wherever they are – as belonging to the unique spirit of Australia.

Do you have any social media campaigns that we should know about?
Facebook: Twitter: @KooeySwimwear

Where can Kooey Australia be purchased?

Click here