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Sultry Contemporary Swimwear

by Sofroina Timmons
This summer 2012 swimwear is all about complimenting shape and size with expert tailoring. 1 Sol Swimwear offers flattering silhouettes, refreshing sophistication with sheared bodices and the ultimate power net tummy paneling of silky, luscious, and dreamy fabrics add exquisite appeal and upscale couture-worthy designs.

Swimwear designer Jenny Pyle, from South Florida, has teamed up with 1 Sol to create new cutting-edge pin-up worthy one pieces that address areas that hold, hide and mold your shape into a sexy, playful 1940s Pinup Glamour Girl.

Pyle’s designs for The White Collection are constructed as a lightweight fluid sheer draping unflattering shadows with the help of 1 Sol’s quad-lining functions which preserves the memory and integrity of the suits to conceal spots, lumps or uneven body shapes allowing a uniformed smooth one piece that is suitable for any size. Each piece is definitely a look of interest in style cuts like sweetheart and bandeau tops, while bold one-shoulder silhouettes are featured with saturated colors of the tropics in reptile, palm, tribal and floral patterns.

Remarkable embellishments within the fabric treatments are aligned in perfect symmetry to create the zigzag pleats on the Caroline piece, the sporty look of pleats and grommets on the Lacey piece and laser cut ruffles emulating a lace look on the Sienna piece. The Solids and Fabrics selection comes in a rich nylon jersey blend of monochromatic colors of plum fuchsia, emerald, electric blue and black that feel like lingerie against your skin. A return of The After Swim Collection features silky cover-ups in solid fabrics and can be worn on and off the beach scene as can the 1 Sol classic chiffon sarong available in 20 beautiful vivid colorful prints.

Give us some background info on 1 Sol Swimwear.
Brothers David and Azad are embellishment contractors (embroidery, specialty stitching, laser cutting, hot fix stones, etc.) and wanted to embark on manufacturing. They began looking for a designer and met up with me. From that point on, we started to develop 1 Sol Swimwear.

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2012 collection?
I have selected a lot of nature inspired prints with very sophisticated color ways. This year I was in a very mellow design mode. I really wanted to focus on soft color palettes and stylish design lines - - the whole 'less is more' attitude.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
We do a lot of interesting embellishments, we produce our swimwear EXCLUSIVELY in the U.S.A (California to be exact) and we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We try to focus on what sets us apart from the rest and stay focused on quality and execution.

What is one thing about 1 Sol you would love the consumer to know?
That I develop and produce every single piece right here in Southern California, I see the fabrics being knit, I see it being sewn, packed and shipped. I am truly in the thick of it.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We are currently promoting a People StyleWatch discount and if you vote for our Model contest OR become a Sol V.I.P. you get a 25% off coupon code for any online purchase.

Where can 1 Sol swimwear be purchased and what are the price points?, Retail price ranges from $55-$188.

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