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Summer Swimwear to Cheer About

by Sofroina Timmons
This summer swimwear is an explosion of vibrant color, prints and breath-taking pieces and the Poko Pano 2012 Swimwear Collection, designed by Paola Robba, has created unique, fun and fashion-forward styles. Each diverse piece is designed with Brazilian flair and has something for every girl who wants to be noticed, desired and to look exotic and sexy.

Poko Pano’s new 3-in-1 hipster is this year’s daring silhouette in a vibrant Parrot Feather print that wears well for any occasion. Other creations are crafted in rich fabrics and signature details of mix matched prints and patterns, intricate crochet in the finest materials, hand-braided marine leather and personal touches of delicate pieces that use lace and appliqués to emphasize exciting details.

Poko Pano’s lush textures continue the passion for whimsical pieces such as mini-monkeys, a combination of bright pineapples and mixed fruits. There is also the retro 70s tropical prints which flatter basic and classic swimwear designs and are completed with hardware. And my fave this year is the mini-collection of red/white/blue swimsuits with stars and stripes, and hearts. You will definitely see me wearing one of these, supporting the USA Olympic swim team.

What does Poko Pano mean?
Poko Pano is Portuguese for ‘A Little Cloth’, which aptly sums up Brazilian swimwear (most swimwear actually).

How and did Poko Pano get started?
Poko Pano really showed up on the map when it debuted at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in 2002. It was brought to the US in 2004. It immediately gained a reputation of high quality, quirky fun prints and great fit.

What differentiates your line from the other brands in your industry?
We follow our own trends and appeal to women who like to do the same. Our fit is great, including our push-up tops. We were one of the first to bring them to market.

What was your inspiration for your Spring 2012 collection?
We wanted to celebrate the diversity and intrigue of Brazil

What do you think are the biggest trends in swimwear for summer 2012?
Americana, brights, and wild prints.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We regularly offer discounts on our site, and can be found on our facebook page:

Where can Poko Pano be purchased and what are the price points?
Prices range from $110 to $160 for a set.

Poko Pano swimwear is sold in fine boutiques, swim specialty shops, resorts and surf shops throughout the United States and online around the world: and

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