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Acting Out

by Sofroina Timmons
Show off your sexy side while role-playing in any of the 33 affordably priced items from the new collection of bedroom costumes by Baci [bah-chee] Lingerie USA. Play along with your alter ego as a conspiring prison mate, mile-high flight attendant or the naughty nurse wearing elegant luxurious costumes from the “Dreams” Collection.

Get up and close to see how the costumes look on a warm body through QR codes (the throw-back era of peep-shows) which is located on the back of the package- when scanned it transports the customer to a short-form video.

Retailers are widely encouraged to set up bedroom costume sessions to “Sell the Fantasy!” All costumes are available in sizes S/M or M/L and plus-sizes will be released later in the year.

Give us some background information On Baci Lingerie USA.
Our collections are the result of collaborative effort by our design teams around the world, which is why we are able to provide such a variety of fashionable designs. We set out with the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives with our products; by providing a certain quality of design and fantasy that was previously unattainable at such a low price point. The Baci Lingerie's philosophy and concept is based on offering a wide range of well designed high quality lingerie, best photographs and art work, best packaging, at the lowest prices in the world so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Rather than selling expensive lingerie that only a few can buy, Baci Lingerie makes it possible to provide lingerie to a greater number of people by providing low-priced products that contribute to helping more people feel better about their lives. Most lingerie companies do the exact opposite and try to make the most beautiful lingerie for the most expensive price.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2012 collection?
Our inspiration for our 2012 Collection Dreams by Baci Lingerie came from our emphasis on fantasy and desire. Our goal to always be revolutionizing the industry and releasing innovative products inspired a special and completely original theme within the Dreams Collection.

What era in fashion does your line/collection most resemble?
Many of our pieces, such as our extremely popular pinstripe and lace balconette bras, are reminiscent of the “pin-up” era of the 1940’s and 1950’s. We took these inspirations and modernized them by mixing patterns and fabrics such as floral, lace, and polka dots. We also infused classic details and cuts, like the sexy yet understated back seam on many of our hosiery styles.

What are the biggest trends right now?
The biggest trends now are inspired by the 1950’s and 1970’. There are many classic shapes like high wasted briefs, balconette bras, and metallic fabrics.

What affect does lingerie have on today's society?
Lingerie is a way that people are able to reflect on their quality of life. Many men and women consider buying lingerie a luxury, not a necessity. At Baci Lingerie, we have created a luxury service and experience and made it more accessible, even in these tough economic times. In essence, we believe we help people feel better about their lives.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Whereas most investors and lingerie companies want to earn a profit from the start we believe that this is an investment for years to come. Our first year investment of 25 million dollars will most likely take years to get back. Our main investor does not care about the money. He stresses the quality of the product and building the foundation of a major global brand. He wants to be able to see his brand all over the world and especially in places where average people cannot afford the luxury of expensive lingerie. We want a wide range of women to experience the feeling of putting on extremely sexy lingerie for their man and for men to experience the excitement of buying and fantasizing their ladies in such lingerie. In a single word "Affordable Luxury".

Do you design for both men and women?
We are developing a menswear collection to be released at the end of this year or beginning of 2013.

Where can Baci Lingerie USA be purchased and what are the price points?
Our collections can be purchased all around the globe! For distributor information near you, please visit

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