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Dangerous Curves

by Yvette Coleman

Larry Garman started as a photographer, shooting models for agencies in California in the early 90's. At that time, sexy bikinis were a little harder to find.  Garman wanted something that would really “pop in the images”.  After not being able to find what he was looking for from the available retailers, he started looking into the possibility of creating a new line of skimpy, revealing bikinis for the models, specifically for photo shoots.  Dangerous Curves evolved into a sexy brand of swimwear. Garman's customer is a health conscious, active, very fit, confident, sexy woman and loves to show off her hard earned body in a hot bikini.  She's always on the lookout for something unique, and she has an extensive and growing bikini collection. 


What are your designers doing or creating to keep up with the competition? 

We pay little attention to the competition.  We just try to do our own thing, have fun with it, and create the bikinis our customers want.  As for being relevant to the current economy?  I've always tried to keep our prices reasonable, even in a good economy.  We have our own manufacturing facility here in California, and everything from patterns to packaging is done in house, so we can provide a quality product at a more reasonable price, with the ability to short run our inventory on the fly and still maintain a profitable bottom line.  Which is a good position to be in these days.


Why do I want to buy your brand before others?  

Dangerous Curves focuses on the cuts, making every effort to accentuate the body lines and make them as figure flattering as possible.  Anyone can make a micro bikini, but many designers I've seen lately just won't quit cutting!  There's a point where skimpy is no longer flattering.  Unfortunately there's a lot of that going on these days with the flood of bikini companies popping up on the web over the past couple years.  And that's one area where we differ.  Yes, we make skimpy bikinis, but they're cut to compliment your figure and showcase your body in the best way possible, not just shock people with two square inches of fabric.  It's not just about being revealing, it's about making you look and feel as sexy as possible when you're wearing it.


Are there major difference in swimwear collection as far as regions?    

With our sales coming in from all around the world, we do notice very specific product trends based on regions, and even city based trends here in the .  We also see specific sizing configurations and even color schemes that have regional sales patterns.  It's very interesting and often mind boggling to try and understand the psychology of it all.


Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs? 

People always find a way to afford something they really want, no matter how bad things are.  So I don't believe that designers necessarily have to simplify designs to accommodate the times, but I think what you will find are fewer manufacturers taking chances on new designs, and instead, sticking with tried and true merchandise with less risk of loss until the markets stabilize.  I think you're also gonna see a lot of leftover inventory from 08 hanging around through '09.


Does the "eco-conscious" movement affect your collection? 

Well, we're already using as little fabric as possible, so i'm not sure how much more we can conserve.  But i'll be happy to try.. :)   I've been kinda looking forward to this whole global warming thing extending the summer seasons around the world so we can increase production!


What's next for your collection?  

I've been asked many times to do a lingerie line, and it might seem like a natural crossover, especially with the brand name and our client base, but i learned long ago that diversification and line extentions are the first steps to brand dilution.  I'd rather do one thing and do it well.  So we're just gonna stick to what we know and keep making the hottest bikinis on the planet!


What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who loves your collection? 

Pick your favorite body part, and showcase it.  Find a cut that compliments your assets.  Looking sexy is about playing up your strengths and masking your weaknessess.  But regardless of your body type, you'll automatically look sexier in a Dangerous Curves bikini! :)


Words of wisdom from Larry Garman:

Prepare to work insane amounts of hours, sacrificing your friends, family, social life and bank account in the process.  If you're ok with that, and still want to continue, my advice is.  Don't try to appeal to too broad a client base.  Find a niche, specialize, and focus on building customer loyalty.  Be willing to lose money to please a good client.  Personalized service is key, and repeat customers are absolute gold!  Oh, and the most important part.  Hire an accountant!


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