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Euphoric Novelties

by Sofroina Timmons

Intensity is a unique tool that helps strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscle, which originated from a team of medical professionals who designed the prototype for extra strength. Realizing they stumbled onto an erotic device, they quickly took the concept to an all-woman product development team at JOPEN. Now, Intensity has the largest consumer interest and demand on the market. The Vanity Collection, a new selection of toys are an added series of the erotica to ensure absolute pleasure for women.

JOPEN, a pleasure product company, focuses on form and function with features women want. President/CEO Susan Colvin and her team of professionals understand the sexual wellness and a woman’s desire to feel completely satisfied. JOPEN also offers a program Intensity Insider, that educates you on sexual wellness issues and contains additional resources to help you increase the strength of the kegel muscle that will gradually help you gain empowerment on achieving intense pleasure. Become an Intensity Insider by registering at to receive valuable information as well as to enter chat forums on the forbidden language of pleasure.

Explain the meaning behind the name JOPEN.
Many people assume the name is French, however, that is not the case. The name has significance to Ms. Colvin, it was inspired by someone who was very close to her. It is an homage to that person’s passionate spirit.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Susan Colvin has always been a leader in the industry. As the first woman to own and operate a major novelty company she respects all the women-focused companies that have come since. With a mission to provide the most innovative, luxurious, sought-after pleasure products, JOPEN is poised to stand out against the competition. Ms. Colvin welcomes a competitive environment because it creates better products for the consumer.

Any plans for creating men inspired products in the future?
Actually that idea has crossed the minds of our product development team. Don’t be surprised if you see something for the fellas from JOPEN in the near future! Women continue to gravitate to body-friendly materials like silicone. We see more and more demand for high quality materials and plan on continuing to expand on them in the future. JOPEN also understands that power and function are attributes that never go out of style. By focusing on creating quality products that deliver on all counts, JOPEN will continue to stay ahead abreast of current trends.

Do you have any social media campaigns or promotions that we should know about?
We are very social! We invite people who are interested in learning more about Intensity to become an Intensity Insider. Insiders receive exclusive offers about Intensity, a chance to win free Intensity products, information about Kegel exercises and sexual wellness. People can join at We also proudly just announced the JOPEN blog, follow us at The blog is a source for information about all the wonderful pleasure products produced by JOPEN. We have a very active Facebook page and Twitter account as well. To see all our social media links and locations, visit the social media page on our website: We often have interactive contests on Facebook and give away free toys. Follow us to find out more.

Where can JOPEN be purchased and what are the price points?
We don’t sell our products direct to consumers. We sell to distributors who sell to retailers, and many of our products are available all over the world. People wishing to purchase JOPEN products can find them in fine boutiques and adult retail locations everywhere. Searching online produces many results for online retailers as well.

Price points vary depending upon the product. The suggested retail price of each item can be found on the website, It ranges from approximately $140.00 to $250.00.

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