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A IS FOR ALDO Fragrance Collection

by Kenyatta D. Pious/Publicist
A is for ALDO is a new fragrance for men and women that launched at a private event in downtown Manhattan, NYC. The fragrance is centered around your true color (that is to say the color that best describes you). The five-piece fragrance collection is composed of women’s colors (red, yellow, blue), as well as men’s (red and yellow). A is for ALDO demystifies the mystical nature of scents by adding a playful component of exploring colour and personality. Finding your true colour is as easy as playing the childhood game of linking letters to words and words to images. Created in partnership with two of theindustry’s leading fragrance houses, Givaudan and Robertet, the fragrance collection is created with the best traits of any personality’s mood in mind.

“This notion that scents can ignite memories and experiences really inspired us.This usually happens naturally but to be able to do so with intention, to actively define our experiences and ourselves through scent, drove the concept for A is for ALDO,” elaborates Douglas Bensadoun, ALDO Creative Director.

10ml - - $15
30ml - - $25
75ml - - $45

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Photos: Jaub Brooks