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Jewelry Representing a Place in Time

by Sofroina Timmons
I’m all for the glitz and the glam! Have you tried on a piece of jewelry that somehow centers you? You feel at peace or content on who are you are and where you’re going in this life. Deep huh?! I’m not trying to get you to confess your sins but to persuade you to try something different: wearable art of flora and fauna.

Kelcey Loomer, a painter of flora and fauna (meaning: a collective name for plants and animals of a certain region or time) has incorporated her private artwork images onto jewelry. Each of her collections is from her visions of the natural world of the woods and mountains right outside her window of North Carolina. In 2007 Loomer decided to take her art to a more functional level and created and designed her online jewelry line :

Seed & Sky jewelry pieces are the reproductions of her original paintings scaled down as tiny artwork placed in metal bezels and varnished with glass-like resin for protection to wear as short-dangled and long-dangled earrings and necklaces. These pieces of jewelry are modern heirlooms that make gift-giving to family and friends fun and meaningful again.

Explain the meaning behind the name Seed & Sky jewelry.
Seed & Sky takes its name from the maple seed, or as it is informally known, a helicopter seed. When maple seeds are fluttering through the air it is one of the most beautiful sights you can see. This is the inspiration for my jewelry.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Women who like every day, simple beauty fall in love with my collection. My line is affordable, handcrafted, and easy to wear. There are a wide range of designs to match all sorts of personalities. All of my jewelry is lightweight, comfortable, and made with love for every day wear.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
Perhaps Art Deco because life was so gorgeously illustrated in that era.

What's next for Seed & Sky?
A line of abstract and pattern based designs are in the works. They are going to look amazing together!

How do you remain competitive in this market?
I am constantly dreaming up new designs and ideas. Working hard and staying true to my vision helps keep my work original and fresh.

Where can Seed & Sky be purchased and at what price points?
My price points range from $24 - $35 per piece. You can find my collection online at
To keep up to date with new designs and sales like Seed & Sky on facebook: Seed & Sky and follow on Twitter:!/SeedandSky

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