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Defining Your Style with Accessories

by Sofroina Timmons
What is fashion without accessories? DRAB! For this gift-giving season, accessories are the essence for creating any tasteful outfit. Choosing a simple accessory is safe but going big is a must! Going with Gilda Grey is even greater as it implies charming, alluring innovative accessories that will take your style to the next level.

Each day your fashion creates and completes a chapter about you and that’s exactly what Gilda Grey accessories are all about. Sumptuous materials, luxurious bold colors and inventive design techniques tell a story about each piece of jewelry… adding emphasis on your style.

Gilda Grey has modern heirlooms for the everyday girl who craves glamour of a bygone era, without the prerequisite high price point.

How and why did Gilda Grey start?
Gilda Grey was born when we decided, after spending years designing for the apparel and textile industries that we wanted to build a company that created imaginative, heirloom-quality accessories that were not made on an assembly line. We both [Cali and Erica] felt that making pieces that can be worn and loved for decades was what we were born to do.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
We envision anyone with a love for bold statements and a personality that embraces attention because our pieces have been known to spark conversation.

Explain the meaning behind the name Gilda Grey.
The actress and dancer Gilda Gray is our muse. She represents the nostalgia of old world glamour anchored with the heart of new world inspiration.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
We feel it most resembles the roaring twenties. It was a time of glamorous decadence and discovery in culture, fashion, and art. We love the idea of bringing some of that aesthetic to today’s fashion-forward market.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?

How do you remain competitive in this market?
As a design team we are always striving to create innovative pieces by reinterpreting materials and experimenting with techniques we have learned in other areas of artistic study. We love to break barriers of how an accessory statement is defined and what materials define it. Sometimes one of us picks out a material we love, and the other one figures out how to use it. We get two separate creative perspectives, while also having the ability complete each other’s sentences. We always first try to inspire each other, and then see how it can be applied to the market.

Where can Gilda Grey be purchased and at what price points?
You can currently purchase pieces at and select Anthropologie stores. Our holiday collection will be available in boutiques across the country. Prices range from $30-$1,200 and are made with love in Los Angeles, California.

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