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Shot Call Your Life

by Sofroina Timmons

If you’re the girl who creates her own path and dares to be different, unaware that your leaps and bounds in this life make everyone awestruck you need to wear Taashki Handbags. This line expresses the unique fibers of who you are, where you’ve gone and who you’re going to aspire to be. Each design has a different message that collides with adverbs such as strong, passionate, and courageous - - this is for the undeniable risk-taker. That’s what the designer Natasha Shamdasani Madan of Taashki Handbags represents. Women all over the world wear handbags that express their lifestyle but Taashki goes a lot further than that.

Taashki Leather Handbags collection offers a rich tapestry that exemplifies the Eastern heritage that merges with Western function. The Yantra Vegan Leather collection allows you to no longer choose between your principles, morals and values of style. The Vegan leather is an animal-free product; a real-leather alternative that has the luxurious look and feel of real leathers, including napas and patents. The upscale designs of the Inside Out Signature Line is a connection of the inside and outside of your interior/exterior being. If you enjoy what’s on the inside it will beam on the outside in a luxe way, of course.

Explain the meaning behind the name Taashki.
Taashki can be broken down into ‘Taash’ and ‘ki’. ‘Taash’ is what everyone calls me and ‘ki’ means ‘belonging to’ in Hindi. So the name literally means ‘belonging to’ or ‘originating from Taash’. I didn’t actually come up with it myself. When my husband and I were still dating, he started calling me Taashki and the name stuck. When we were looking for a name for the label, I decided that nothing was more appropriate than Taashki - because of what it means and also because I couldn’t have done it without my husband's support and faith in me.

How does the eco-conscious movement affect your collection?
Taashki is a big believer in the eco movement. That’s why we've been working to introduce vegetable tanned leather into our collection. This is easier said than done as these raw materials are significantly more expensive and would price us completely out of the market. But we hope to find a way of introducing this into our line soon. In the meantime, while our designs are minimalist, but also stylish - to reflect our own personal tastes - we have chosen to adopt minimalism in other ways. We don’t believe handbags should go out of style every season. Handbags are a high-ticket, extremely durable item that is staples in a woman’s collection. To us, a handbag is not an accessory; it is the backbone of a look. That’s why instead of having a Fall 2011 or a Spring 2012 collection, we have the Taashki Core Collection - a medley of nine classic styles that will never go out of style.

What were your inspirations for the current collection?
The Taashki Core Collection is inspired by a beautiful journey from the East to the West; by a marriage of two different traditions. Our signature silhouettes and accents come in vibrant Asian hues set against functional shades, all inspired my journey across Asia to America - the rich gold’s from Thailand’s temples, the orchid pinks and oranges of the Balinese sunset and a New York evening, the blue-black midnight Charleston sky, the flamboyant purple found in old Indian palaces, the fiery red synonymous with Chinese celebration...Our experiences have juxtaposed in an exclusive handbag collection that combines the rich influences of these incredible destinations.

We’re spirited, outspoken, irreverent and passionate, and we’ve brought those qualities into our design. We love mixing things up in an unconventional way. So we merged the solidarity of leather with the luxury of ornate silk brocade, and modern minimalism with old world charm and kitsch. We use fabulous, distinctive accents on our bags: real jade, custom made antique reproduction cabinet door pulls and fortune locks. And you'll love how you can make each handbag uniquely yours - some have convertible straps, expandable features and more. We've just introduced a vegan leather collection for women who want a vegan lifestyle.

This collection is a tribute to strong, adventurous travelers; those amazing women that I met on her journey. Like Taashki handbags, these women are different. They don’t quite fit in, but are comfortable wherever they go. They create roads where there are none and go where nobody has been. And they share their experience with the world - whether by telling their stories over a campfire, in their blogs, or over drinks. The core collection asks every woman to go on an adventure, widen her horizons, extend her comfort zone and explore her imagination to see what is possible.

What's next for Taashki?
There is only one word to describe where our collection is going next - up. We have set down roots and are now looking to make our debut nationally. We are talking to stores around the country and go to tradeshow in 2012 for the first time. And – in response to the incredible reception our vegan leather line has received - we continue to bring new styles that are easy to wear, versatile and long lasting to this section of our line.

Where can Taashki be purchased and what are the price points?
The Taashki handbag collection can be purchased from our online store, It is also carried by a range of fabulous boutiques in North Carolina and South Carolina, and online stores.

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