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It’s Hair Vanity

by Sofroina Timmons

There are two important factors that can kill your fashion: make-up and hair. Your outfit can be on-point with the shoes and handbag to match. However, your entire swagger depends on your coif. No matter how and what you wear, your hair can make a fashion do turn into a fashion don’t. If you are like many women in the world who come from a multi-cultural background, then you have your own war stories about searching for the right products that agree to the needs of your locks.

Enter Mixed Chicks - - a product line that contains a complete mixture of natural ingredients to combat the intimidating combination hair. Creators of this one-of-a-kind product are Kim Etheredge of Los Angeles and Wendi Levy of New Jersey, who united when they were not satisfied with commercial products they were relegated to using for their tresses.

Etheredge and Levy sought out (with the help of a chemist) to create a product that is just right for combination hair for men, women and children. They have not looked back since. In 2009 the company grossed 3.5 million in revenues, how about knowing your stuff in the beauty arena! Do you have combination hair? Do you want to be freed from the daily regimen of concocting a formula in order to look fabulous? Then turn to Mixed Chicks for your no stress hair solutions.

Tell us a little bit about the creation of Mixed Chicks.
Kim Etheredge and I started development of our products and company in 2003. The genesis is from a personal need in an industry full of products that needed to be mixed and matched to meet the needs of curly hair. [The name] Mixed Chicks is pretty self-explanatory. Kim and I are two multi-cultural women that were tired of being forced to choose a race. One of our slogans is: “Are you tired of defining your race instead of your curls?”

How do you remain competitive in this market full of beauty products and makeup?
We work hard every day to develop new products based on customer feedback. We also attend hair and beauty tradeshows all over the world. And my husband does a great job at marketing for our company. Also, there aren’t too many other owners of hair companies that actually are the brand.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies Mixed Chicks’ style and why?
Halle Berry and Slash. Halle, because she is one of the most well-known mixed chicks. Although her short hair is my favorite she’s had a lot of versatility with her texture and length over the years. And she picked as one of her top 5 must haves in 2008. Slash because he has always rocked his wild curls and he along with his wife and children are a few of our favorite customers who is also multi-cultural.

Where can Mixed Chicks be purchased and at what price points?
Please check out our where to buy page at for over 3000 retailers worldwide. Our products range from $12 to $50 depending the product and the size.

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