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The Speed You Need In Fashion

by Sofroina Timmons

Pump your breaks at a new modern twist in rock-n-roll apparel for men and women. Introducing fresh innovative designs on specially washed and treated knits from the company Crash & Burn. Fine fabrics and quality, a unique style and trendsetting fashions are what this company stands for. This fall season 2011, Crash & Burn will reach a new acme with a look of couture using luxurious woven pieces. The brand will also launch its new denim line.

Crash & Burn has kept their designs true to fit, form and quality since their first launch in 2004 as a women’s collection. Today they carry the same spirit and desire to create and design fashion appealing to haute couture of rock-n-roll in a contemporary way.

Women and men’s tees and hoodies; women’s tops, tunics, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, and their new rendition for comfortable fitting jeans will all be at your fingertips as you enjoy a visual soiree of Crash And Burn apparel online at

Explain the meaning behind the name Crash & Burn?
Being children of the 80’s we felt the phrase “Crash & Burn” was a fun inspirational phrase that conjures up all types of imaginative stories. No doubt, it’s commonly used in a lot of lyrics from our favorite childhood musicians like “Guns and Roses,” it’s a tragically romantic phrase that suggests a great wild passion that does not give up or die easily.

Give us some background info on Crash & Burn.
Crash & Burn was started by a collective of creative minds that shared the same passion for music, art, and fashion. Together we wanted to offer something different that wasn’t already available in the market. It flourished from a love for fashion and rock-n-roll.

How does Crash & Burn differ from brands such as Affliction or Ed Hardy?
Our dedication and commitment to our art is what separates us from these other brands. We are a graphic driven line, but we don’t see ourselves as just that. Our brand isn’t about shoving and mass producing screen tees. Our designs are rooted in our love for music and the rock-n-roll lifestyle. There is so much attention to detail, care and thought that is put into each and every one of our designs. To us it’s not just a “screen,” it is art.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
Fall 2011 was inspired by a film called Buffalo 66, staring Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci. We loved the tone and mood of the movie… it had a very rock-n-roll and indie feel. If you take a look at our fall 2011 lookbook, you might recognize scenes from the movie.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We remain competitive in this market by staying true to our brand. We are known for our graphics, fashionable cuts, and fabric quality. Our customers who have stayed loyal to this brand return to us because of that.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Someone who is very in tune with the music world, loves art, and has a keen eye for details and quality.

What era in fashion does Crash & Burn most resemble?
Crash & Burn is always evolving but has roots in the 80’s and a definite strong tie to the 90’s as well. Our line is always growing and developing as we draw inspiration from different eras.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
There is definitely a big movement towards 70’s and 60’s as fashion has really taken an inspiration from film and TV shows such as Mad Men and Pan Am. However there still is the 90’s hanging on tight with the cropped shirts, jumpsuits, and high waisted pants. Very much in the Winona Ryder and the Johnny Depp days.

What's next for Crash & Burn?
There are a ton of things in the works for Crash & Burn right now. Aside from constantly searching for new techniques and washes, our next big step is to grow the line into a lifestyle brand and be able to offer the complete package for our fans. This is only the beginning for us and all we can say right now is to keep your eyes peeled!

Where can Crash & Burn be purchased and at what price points?
Crash & Burn can be purchased at boutiques nationwide, and at Buckle stores nationwide. We are also available 5 countries in Asia (An online store is also in the works). Price points are anywhere from $45-$120.

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