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Pop Up Your Expression

by Kenyatta D. Pious

Imagine adding pop to any of your individual expressions to match the ever-changing day's ebb and flow. With Helzberg Diamonds Pop Expressions, you can do just that! Super-cute, simple jewelry has been spruced up. Translation: jewelry that evolves every time you decide to pop in different eye-catching stones...and if you are like us, you will do this several times over!

Say you're going to brunch with your new boy toy - - you can wear a Red Crystal Heart Pop that is totally fetch. Then afterwards you can opt for the Blue & White Crystal Frame Pop while visiting Nana and end your night at that house party wearing a Skull N Crossbone Pop. All of this is effortless as the collection includes a cute little heart-shaped key that you use to make the switch and a handy travel compact for quick changes-on-the-go. This is painless, pretty jewelry that allows your mood to imitate art, literally!

Starting a Helzberg Diamonds Pop Expressions collection is affordable on any budget. Jewelry pieces start at a modest $79.99 and the gems are under $50 - this makes a great gift too! Pop Expressions are carried by 230 stores across the country - - search for the nearest one to you here:

This Just In: Helzberg has a promotion on its site where you can get a FREE Travel Case with the purchase of two Pop Expressions! Did I say how much I LOVE this collection?