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Exploring Fashion Week Through the Lens of T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide

by Kenyatta D. Pious

There is a nervousness that grips any fashionista with the onset of Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. It has everything to do with having questions that have yet to be answered: what trends will be spot-on?; who will win Project Runway?; what “newbie” will impress?; will Zang’s fashion fete be better than Betsey’s? - - and so on and so on...

After my schedule was mapped out (and it changed constantly as usual), I was ready to roll. This season, T-Mobile gave me a sleek companion in the myTouch 4G Slide that fit perfectly in my editor bag. I was struck by how easy the phone is to use and the sliding keyboard is just a smart design. I never looked at any manual and figured it out, while sandwiched between Amare Stoudamire and Chris Bosh at a show. The phone is a little heavy, but that might be that it became a permanent fixture in my hand - lol.

T-Mobile's myTouch 4G Slide has all the social media features that one should have so that anytime I needed to alert followers or Facebook family about something interesting I saw, it was easy and at my fingertips. The voice clarity is great and battery life was impressive - - I attended NY Fashion Week from about 9am till 10pm or later every day, depending on whether I was going to a party etc. and the battery never once died on me!

I shot so many pictures, I may have to break this up into a part one and two...and possibly three! I was struck while at shows, by how many people were relying on phones to capture images and it hammered home that a good phone is as important nowadays as say a good pair of Jimmy Choos.

Pictured above (in order from left to right) are a few of my favorite shots (but many more to come): Vanessa Hudgens at Concept Korea; Kim Kardashian looking as good as I have seen her; Nicki Minaj at Prabal Gurung; Miss J at Arise; Model backstage at Sally LaPointe; Lulu Frost Presentation; Mercedes inside the tents; Diet Pepsi models inside tent lobby; Francis Hendy model at Time Warner Studio; Vera Moore model at FNO; Person modeling some custom shades at Vera Moore FNO.

The last two pictures before the picture of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide are of September 11th in NY. The first was taken from my car while I approached a designer preview that was a few blocks from Ground Zero. The other is of the empty highway as I left Ground Zero (police had shutdown huge stretches of the city). What a grey day!

My adventures ran the gamut and it was super fun and cool to try to document things with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide (when I remembered...I did have to also write articles and take notes) . The myTouch 4G Slide is available for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and after a $50 mail-in-rebate.

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